YouTube notifications not working on iPhone? 6 ways to fix

If you have YouTube installed on your iPhone, you’ll get a notification when your favorite YouTube channel posts new content. YouTube will also send personalized video recommendations, account activity, and product updates through the app. You can use the solutions in this guide to detect and fix when YouTube notifications are not working on your iPhone.

YouTube-related problems can be quite complex, but not insurmountable. There are three main factors that can prevent YouTube from sending notifications to your iPhone: account settings, device settings, and channel settings.

We’ll show you how to configure these settings to deliver optimal YouTube notifications on your iPhone. But before doing anything, make sure you’re signed in to your Google account on the YouTube app. Likewise, make sure that Do Not Disturb mode is turned off.

Note: The solutions below can also be applied to fix YouTube notifications issues on iPad.

1. Check iPhone Notification Settings

First, you need to make sure YouTube notification settings are properly configured at the system level. Go Setting > YouTube > Notify and guarantee Allow notifications is turned on.

If the option is already on, turn it off and on again. That can help re-enable YouTube notifications about normal. Also make sure you check all notification options (Lock screen, Notification Centerand Banners) in the Alerts section and also enable Sound and title.

You can also enable YouTube notifications from the app. Launch YouTube and tap Notification bell icon on the main screen.

Touch Turn on notifications to enable YouTube notifications on your iPhone.

2. Check YouTube’s In-App Notification Settings

YouTube allows you to customize push notifications for individual activities — video recommendations, subscription highlights, mentions, etc. If you’re not getting notifications for certain activities, go to settings of YouTube and review your notification preferences.

1. Launch YouTube and tap profile icon in the upper right corner of the app.

2. Select Setting.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press Notify.

4. Go through the list and turn on the notifications you want to receive.

If the notifications you didn’t receive are already turned on, turn them off and on again.

Also, make sure you turn off the read option Mute sound and vibration.

If enabled, YouTube won’t send you notifications during specific times of the day — usually between 22:00 and 8:00 daily.

3. Review channel notification settings

If you’re not receiving a notification to upload a video or live stream from a channel you’ve subscribed to, go to your account settings and check if notifications are enabled for that channel.

1. Tap the profile icon in the top corner and navigate to Setting > Notify > Channel settings.

2. You will find a list of channels that you have subscribed to; clap Manage to reveal their notification status.

If the bell icon next to the affected channel(s) is crossed out, you won’t receive notifications about channel activity.

3. Tap the bell icon and select All of or Personalized.

  • Personalized notifications means that you will receive notifications about certain uploads, live streams, and other activities. YouTube will only send occasional highlights about channel activities. These highlights are automatically generated by YouTube’s algorithms based on the popularity of certain videos, how often videos you watch on the channel, engagement with the channel, among other factors.
  • All of notifications, as you might have guessed, means you’ll get notifications about all channel activity — content uploads, live streams, etc.

Note: If the bell icon next to a channel is grayed out, it’s most likely because the channel produces “For Kids” content. You can’t turn on notifications for channels with a child audience. Notification alert is set to “No announcements“It is by default and you cannot change it.

4. Press Complete to save channel notification settings.

4. Turn off YouTube Incognito Mode

YouTube has an incognito mode that lets you watch videos privately on your iPhone. In incognito mode, YouTube doesn’t save your watch history, searches, subscriptions, etc. to your account. In fact, the YouTube app acts like you’ve signed out of your account. Incognito mode may also suspend some of your account settings such as channel and video notifications.

Forgetting to turn off incognito mode could be the reason why you’re not receiving YouTube notifications. While YouTube automatically turns incognito mode off after 90 minutes of inactivity, you may not receive a notification during that 90-minute period.

If there is a mask icon in the top right corner of the YouTube app, it means incognito mode is active.

Tap the mask icon and press Turn off incognito mode.

5. Update YouTube app

YouTube may not send notifications if the app has some bugs or software bugs. YouTube occasionally rolls out updates to fix these bugs and improve the performance of the app. Visit the App Store (or click this link) to check if there are any updates available for YouTube.

Update YouTube and check if that fixes the notification issue. If the problem persists, restart your iPhone and try again.

6. iOS Update

Major iOS updates, especially the earliest versions, are not always stable. They sometimes pop up with bugs that affect device functions like app notifications, messaging, etc. The good thing is that these problems don’t last long as Apple rolls out fixes in releases. The next iOS.

If all the troubleshooting methods fail to yield satisfactory results and YouTube notifications are still not working, we recommend that you update your iPhone (or iPad). Go Setting > Shared > Software updates and click Download and install to update your device.

Never miss an update

We have highlighted common causes of YouTube notification problems on iPhone and their solutions. At least one of the suggestions listed above will restore YouTube notifications back to normal on your iPhone or iPad. If the problem persists, uninstall YouTube and re-download the app from the App Store.

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