What to do when you switch from old iPad to new iPad

Yesterday, I bought a new iPad – iPad Air 2019. This doesn’t happen often. I tend to hold onto my devices until they’re literally on their last legs, wheezing. My old device, iPad 2013 model, is having a hard time operating iOS 10, so I decided to get rid of it once and for all.

It wasn’t until I started thinking about setting up a new iPad that I realized there’s a lot to remember to ensure a smooth transition between devices. Here’s what I had to do – in this order. I did this on an iPad but it also applies if you’re switching to a new iPhone.

On old devices

You can’t just turn off the old device, start the new device and you’re done. There are some housekeeping chores you need to do.

Back up your device to iCloud

I previously discussed how to back up your device to iCloud using iTunes. I definitely recommend doing that before erasing your old iPad. But you should also back up to iCloud using the backup function on your iPad.

Doing this is very easy. Go Setting on iPad, tap your name at the top, then tap icloud.

Settings window with specified iCloud

Then, on the next screen, tap iCloud Backup.

Designated iCloud backup menu

Make sure your iPad is connected to a power outlet, then press Back up now.

Back Up Now button specified in iCloud settings

To be a super duper for sure, you might also want to turn on Upload camera in Dropbox, Google Drive, or another cloud service. Then upload your iOS photo albums to the cloud.

Turn off “Find My iPad”

Once the backup is done, it’s time to turn off “Find My iPad”.

This is absolutely necessary. If you don’t turn off “Find My iPad,” you won’t be able to transfer ownership of your iPad to anyone else. Even if your iPad is headed to a cupboard that’s never to be used again, you’ll see it on the map “Find My iPad” blinking at you. Better to turn it off completely.

In Settingtap your name and then tap Find My iPad.

Find My iPad specified in the Settings window

On the next screen, uncheck both Find My iPad and Submit last position. You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID username and password to confirm that you want to disable the feature.

Find My iPad settings window when everything is turned on

Disconnect browser sync

Next, you need to disconnect your browser if you are using the sync feature.

Both Chrome and Firefox use sync so you can seamlessly transfer your settings across different devices. But if you don’t disconnect the browser from the device you’re about to stop using, you’ll never get rid of it on your other computers. It will sit there like a “zombie” device.

In the version of Firefox for iPad, go to settings, scroll to the bottom and select Disconnect sync.

Firefox account with Disconnect Sync ticked

Chrome also has a similar button in their options.

Reset device to factory settings

The last thing you need to do now is erase all the contents of your iPad completely and reset everything back to factory settings. This is completely unchangeable so make sure you’ve done a backup first.

Simply go to Shared And after that Reset in settings.

Reset highlighted menu in General

Then choose Erase all content and settings.

It will warn you that what you are about to do cannot be reversed. Go ahead and continue this process. The iPad will now reset and restart takes about 5-10 minutes. When you see the white welcome screen, that’s when you know your iPad is ready for resale or liquidation.

iPad white welcome screen resets

On a new device

Set up new iPhone pop-up alerts on iPhone

Apple more or less holds your hand while you’re setting up your new device so you really can’t go wrong. But one cool feature that has really saved me a lot of time is when I can transfer all my settings from my iPhone 7 to my new iPad.

Apple has a great guide on their website and it saves you a lot of time in setting up a new iDevice. It will even automatically cycle through your WiFi password when you log in.

Now it’s just a case of picking up your recent iCloud backup and letting your apps install on their own. Switching to a new device has never been easier.

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