Tips and tricks for Apple messages that you may not know

Apple’s iOS is one of the most used operating systems on millions of devices around the world, but you’d be surprised how many people own an operating system that barely knows or even uses. use all its features.

That said, there are plenty of cool tricks out there that only a handful of its millions of users are aware of. Some of these are tucked away in Apple Messages, so you can do more than just send text, picture, voice, and video messages. With the introduction of the iMessage app, Apple has also paved the way for an even richer experience in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad users.

While we wait for the release date of iOS 13, which comes with some eye-catching features, you can spend a little more time exploring your iPhone or iPad with iOS 12 to be able to appreciate what Coming soon in new version.

Here are some Apple Messages tips and tricks that you may not have known. If you’ve seen or heard of them, but aren’t sure how they’re used, read on to learn more.

Add effects to your messages

You can liven up your chats by adding personality to your messages using camera effects, bubble effects, full screen animations, tapback photos and more.

Bubble effect

With these you can animate your message bubbles using different expressions.

  • To add these effects, open a new message or existing conversation and type your message or insert a picture.
Bubble effect in iMessage
  • Press and hold To send and click Balloons click at the top. Preview and apply the effect you want and tap To send to the right of the effect you selected.

Full screen effect

This cool feature allows you to animate your screen by adding confetti, fireworks, balloons, spotlights, echoes, laser beams, giant love hearts and many more effects.

Full screen iMessage effects including confetti and fireworks
  • Open Message and create a new message or existing conversation. Enter your message, then press and hold To send button and press Screen
Screen Tab indicated in Messages
  • Swipe left to view full screen effect. Choose the one you want and press To send.


If you want to reply to messages with some cool expressions like hearts or like icons, you can use Tapback.

Tapback menu in Assigned Messages
  • Open a chat in Message and double-tap the photo or message bubble you want to reply to.
  • Choose Tapback.

Handwritten message

Handwritten "Hi" in the message

To add a personal touch to your messages, you can add notes in your own handwriting. The recipient will see it animated as if it was written right in front of them.

  • Open Messages and create a new message or existing conversation and turn your iPhone sideways.
  • Write your message or select an option at the bottom of the screen.
"Hi" written in Messages and indicated at the bottom of the screen
  • To start over, press Strange or Undo and then press Accomplished to send your message.
Undo typing warnings in Messages
  • To see the effects you’ve added to your message, press replay button.

Send or share your location

If you go to Settings and then tap on your name at the top you will be taken to the screen below where you will see Share my location right to buy. This will allow you to see which family and friends you currently share your location with. You can also disable the feature globally here.

Share My Location option in the Settings menu

Plus, you can share your location right from the Messages app, without having to open Maps or Find Friends.

New message with map location is being sent
  • Open the chat and tap the contact’s name at the top, then tap ‘I’ or information icon. Clap Submit my current location and your recipient will see it on the map.
  • Also, tap Share my location and choose how long you want to share your location with one hours, until the end of the day, or unlimited.
Share time option pop-up message

Camera effects: Animoji & Memoji

Animoji & memoji images on iPhone

In iOS 12, you can use Camera Effects to liven up conversations by sharing photos or videos with Animoji, Memoji, fun stickers, text and filters, and more.

Animojis use your voice and mirror your facial expressions by mapping your face with 3D emojis. You can express your voice through an animated monkey, a singing raccoon, an alien, a nimble fox or even a T-Rex. Memojis, on the other hand, allow you to create a 3D avatar of yourself – like adding an alternate self to Messages and FaceTime.

This feature is built into iMessage apps and you can access it by tapping Application button; choose your Animoji or Memoji avatar, record it and send it to your recipient. You can add many effects to your photos or videos.

Clap Accomplished to add a personal message before sending your photo or video. If you don’t want to send, tap Cancel or ‘X‘ in the top right of the photo.

To use this feature, you need an iPhone X or later.

Send group messages

Group message window

If you are used to using WhatsApp groups, it will be easier to use group messages on your iOS device. Here you can also create a group, give it a name, add or remove participants from the group, hide notifications, and even exit the group.

There are three types of group messages that you can send group iMessage, MMS, and SMS. The Messages app chooses the type of group message to send based on whether it’s an iMessage or SMS/MMS message.

You can also reply to group iMessage texts using Tapback with a heart or like icon, among other elements.

Hide Alerts

Notifications can be annoying, but you can prevent them by using the Hide Alerts feature in iOS. Open the Messages app and swipe left over the message or conversation you want to hide and tap Hide Alerts.

Hide Alerts option in Messages

A crescent or moon will appear next to a message or conversation when Hide Alerts is on. However, it only stops notifications for that particular chat and not from your device. All other messages and notifications for your device will remain displayed on your Lock screen.

The crescent moon icon next to the Message Participant says

You can also mute group text using hide Alerts by tapping the ‘i’ (info) icon at the top of the group text and enabling Hide Alerts.

There’s a lot more you can do with Apple Messages, but here are just a few ways to get you started. Try one or all of them and discover the amazing things you can do to bring life to your messages and conversations.

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