The best iOS photo filter apps to make your photos amazing

It doesn’t matter how great a smartphone camera you have. Chances are you’ll find something wrong with the image. So, in order to get things right, you should decide to download a photo filter app.

This is key to improving your brightness, removing blemishes, or even eliminating an object altogether. The only problem is finding the best iOS photo filter app.

This is a photo filter app that you can use that comes with a bunch of photo filters. You have typical black and white, classic colors and others to make your portraits look great.

Of course, you can add effects to make your photos stand out on social media. Besides cropping, rotating, and correcting perspective, you can:

Features of Snapseed
  • Add brushes, adjust and use healing tools.
  • Sharpen the image.
  • Enhance exposure and color.
  • Add text and frames.
  • Perform lens blur and image sharpening.

VSCO (Free & Paid)

You may not feel comfortable inventing your own filter settings. If that’s the case, you can use the one-tap filter preset that the app comes with.

For example, you can use color and black and white presets to make your photos look “vintage”. Or you can use other editing tools, such as crop, exposure, grain, or blur.

The great thing about filters is that they are subtle, making them look more natural. Once all the editing is done, you can publish the image on your social media.

This iOS photo filter app comes with both subscription and free options which is $10/month. You could say this app is the “gold standard” for professionals.

Now, this does not mean that the application is complicated – in fact, the interface is very simple. This makes it quick and easy to get things done, which is important when you need to edit your selfies right before texting your new crush.

Before and after photos in Lightroom

With Adobe Lightroom, you get filter presets and RAW image support. Additionally, you can adjust exposure and add watermarks.

Then with the paid version, you can access Photoshop and Lightroom classic through your desktop. There’s also a built-in camera, which has more features than your iPhone’s camera.

Now, if you want to create collages with nostalgic style, then this is the app for you. It comes with more than 55 filters, making it quick and easy to capture and adjust photos as you like.

Example of a Retrica . filter

It even randomizes the filters so you can avoid getting “filter biased” (and boring). While it’s free to download, you can make in-app purchases to expand your photo filters (over 80 to choose from!).

When you are looking for the best iOS photo filter apps for all purposes, then Afterlight 2 is the right choice. This photo editor comes with all the typical bells and whistles, plus some creative extras.

Features of Afterlight 2

Some of the additions include features, such as selective colors, gradients, blend modes, curves, dust overlays and light leaks, layer tools for adding artwork and text, and free filter packs

This app is worth it. If you are a selfie lover, then this is the product for you. You will enjoy the filter customizations.

For iPhone selfie professionals – here’s the photo filter app just for you. This editor will give you more freedom in controlling exposure, color and other details in your images. Plus, you can create seamless blend effects.

List of Photofox features

Different from normal crop, fix, gradient and texture, you can use this tool to remove unsightly imperfections. Then you can also add sketch, paint and black and white effects.

Whenever you feel artistic, you can use the drawing, contour, text, and frame tools to spice up your photos.

This is one of the more powerful photo editors on the app market. It’s a great tool that you can use for both live and still images. The app comes with a bunch of color and black and white filters to choose from, which you can apply to stills or live photos.

Darkroom on iPad

Then if you don’t like the preset filters, you can always customize and add your own. What also makes it a pro is that you can batch edit a group of photos at once.

If you are interested in professional photo filtering applications, then Photoshop Express should be in your sights. Surely, you are familiar with the desktop version of Photoshop.

Photoshop Express screen

Now it’s time to familiarize yourself with Adobe’s Express version. Although not as powerful as the desktop version, it does everything you need on a smartphone. This includes adjusting exposure, cropping photos, and creating filter presets.

You will find it special when making other improvements, such as removing blemishes (by using its healing tool). There are also blur options and collage templates.

Never worry about posting grimaces again

Whether you’re creating a collage for a wedding album or publishing a selfie on social media, you can use these apps to make sure you look great.

Not sure which one to try? So why not start with freebies and see what they look like? You may find that you won’t have to save any money on paid options.

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