The 10 best iPad owners for your car

In-car entertainment systems used to be all the rage, but smartphones and tablets filled with games, music and movies have rendered them mostly obsolete. With the iPad holder attached to your dashboard or car seat, passengers can watch movies in comfort.

What to Look for in the iPad Stand

There are a surprising variety of tablet stands, whether specifically for the iPad or all tablets in general. Choosing the right iPad car mount for you can be more difficult than you might expect.

The first thing you want to decide is where to mount it. There are many different options here, and the right choice depends on your vehicle and how much stability you need.

The vent mount is easy to install and lets you see the tablet while driving, so it’s great for things like GPS navigation. However, they are also the most prone to slip and fall, and we recommend this style only for portable devices like smartphones. It’s rare to see vent-mounted tablets anyway. It became much more common to see them as a stand for mobile phones.

Car cup holders are probably the best overall solution for most people, assuming you have a cup holders in a suitable location. They offer a good combination of stability and ease of installation.

Some tablet holders mount a chair rail with a gooseneck between the holder and the tablet clamp. This is great for passengers or vehicles that don’t have proper vents or cup holders.

The suction cup holder attaches to the inside of your windshield but is more suitable as a phone holder than a tablet holder. They are too easy to split and fall off.

Finally, tablet mounts that attach to the headrests are almost always the best solution for rear-seat passengers, especially if they don’t need to use the touchscreen as much and only consume video content. . Headrest tablet holders are some of the most popular among parents.

This cup holder from iKross can hold tablets ranging from 7 to 10.2 inches, covering most iPads except Apple iPad Pro 11 inches and up. If you’re using a thick iPad case, you can push it away if you’re using one of the 10.1-inch iPad models.

You’ll find both a tablet holder and a smartphone holder in the box, so you can switch depending on which device you want to use. The base of the cup holder expands by rotating, providing a secure fit.

The swingarm is pretty clever, acting both as a way to adjust the tablet’s angle, and as a way to absorb shocks from road crashes. It’s a solid rack for a great price, and it’s a good choice if you’re driving a pickup with stiff suspension.

Arkon racks are specially designed for fleet vehicles such as trucks. It attaches to the seat rails or floor, and once secured, you won’t move it with a normal crash.

The stand comes with a choice of different leg lengths, which you can combine to get the perfect fit for your tablet. This ensures that your tablet is kept safe. The bracket can be mounted on the rail of your chair or mounted to the floor. If you go with the seat rail, you can mount it with just a socket wrench, but mounting it to the floor requires drilling holes into the floor. So you need to be ready for permanent installation on your car.

Let’s say you are an Uber driver or use your vehicle for professional driving purposes. In that case, this might be the permanent solution you’re looking for, however, customers who need something a little less permanent should look elsewhere.

Macally is known for producing quality and affordable Apple accessories. This head stand from the company is no different. Despite its high price tag, this is a solid aluminum product with a remarkably sleek design.

The clip attaches to the support posts of a front seat and can then be set up with a tablet directly behind that seat or hovered between the two front seats. So even if you have three bored passengers in the back, everyone can see.

You can angle your tablet if needed and rotate it to portrait mode using a trackball joint. This design requires no tools, as you attach it using the manual knobs. So you can set it up when your ride starts and remove it when it’s over without fuss.

More often than not, simply better. The Lamicall head restraint has few moving parts so nothing can break or go wrong. It’s just a simple stand that clips onto the headrests and takes up a tablet up to 12.9 inches so large-screen Apple iPad Pro users can enjoy a mobile theater experience on the go. along with all those iPad Air fans.

Lamicall has universal compatibility with all iPad models. The installation process couldn’t be simpler. Using a simple slide clamp, hook one end to the headrest and push the other hook until it clicks. It’s a complete install without too much stuff.

This simple and affordable headrest can accommodate tablets as large as the 12.9” iPad and allows you to adjust the tilt and swivel of the tablet, thanks to its ball-joint design. The price is right, perfect for fitting one holder to both seats without breaking the bank.

The Cellet holder provides a muscular arm that you can stretch to a total length of 13.5 inches. This cup holder is particularly notable for its stability and clever three-point tablet stand, making it easy to attach and detach your tablet.

It supports 360-degree rotation and a single size adjustment arm, with two fixed legs at the bottom of the stand. Compatibility is excellent, thanks to that handle design. Looking at the list, it seems like every iPad ever made has to fit in this stand, along with tablets from other brands, such as the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tabs. This is really a universal tablet stand.

The last notable feature of this stand is that you can remove the tablet holder segment. This allows the arm to fold, making it easy to store in the glove compartment or other storage compartments when needed.

On the negative side, you’re giving up (literally) gooseneck flexibility in exchange for stability, thanks to that stout, muscular arm. However, if that’s what you need, it’s a better choice than a gooseneck anyway.

As mentioned above, Macally has an stellar reputation as a low-cost Apple accessory brand, and once again, this iPad cup holder reinforces that reputation.

This uses a gooseneck arm to allow fine adjustment of angle and height, but of course, as with any gooseneck solution, strong bumps in the road have the potential to cause the tablet to sag or change position.

In terms of compatibility, it will accommodate any device between 3.5” and 8” wide. Note that the 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro tablets are just short 8.5″ wide, sadly they won’t work officially. Also, even large smartphones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max are a bit short of the minimum width of 3.5″. However, iPad Mini owners are enjoying themselves! If your device is in the official width range, this is a great gooseneck stand at a very reasonable price.

If you owned a car that still had a CD player, would you use it to play CDs? If you’re like most people, you’re probably using Bluetooth or an extra cable from your phone, which makes that CD slot the go-to store for money you think. So why not put it to good use and attach a tablet to it?

As crazy as it sounds, a tablet stand with a CD slot makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t block any air vents, and the CD slot is usually in the main spot on your console, making applications easy.

The only question is whether this is robust enough to do the job. Based on what users have said, it looks like it will handle tablets up to about 10 inches and do so safely, but bumpy roads can loosen some screws, which requires tighten. It also seems a bit complicated to set up at first, but once you figure it out and install it, everything goes smoothly from there.

We won’t recommend a CD slot holder for everyone, but it could be the perfect solution for you, depending on your specific vehicle and your needs.

There are some pretty cool and unique top tablet stand designs out there, but the Klsniur might be the most creative. That’s all thanks to its folding arms, which allow you to rest your tablet on a headrest, bring it close to your face, and swing it from side to side.

The stand can hold tablets up to 10.5″, including all iPads except 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The clamp is rotatable for portrait or landscape modes. The clip has a port for charging, so you can hook up a power bank or cable from your car’s USB charger while the tablet is in place.

It’s also very affordable, so buying one per seat shouldn’t be a problem. The only real problem is that there’s very little vertical angle adjustment. So if the front seat occupants lean back too much, you might have some trouble getting a good view from the rear seats.

This premium cup holder from Mount-It! It comes with a relatively high asking price, so what do you get for your money?

First, the company claims this is a professional-grade rack suitable for shippers and law enforcement agencies. We have no way of knowing if this is true, but it goes towards justifying the price and the user reviews are very positive. The bracket is mainly made from aluminum, which is both light and strong.

This stand has a multi-segment arm that uses gears to keep everything steady and in place. It’s a sturdier solution than a gooseneck, but it’s more complicated with more moving parts. The arm provides a “safety lock,” allowing you to use the buttons to tighten and lock it into place, so you have even more peace of mind.

The arm design allows for a great range of positions and angles without the general softness of a gooseneck arm. Both the cup holder and tablet holder offer 360-degree rotation, while the two knuckles provide 180-degree rotation. That would include even the weirdest in-car setups.

This arm can only hold tablets up to 11″, so if you’re hoping to mount your large iPad Pro, you’ve got to look elsewhere.

Most head restraints attach to headrest posts. However, there are some downsides to this. First, front-seat passengers don’t have a full range of height adjustments as the mounts need a bit of space to fit. So a short passenger may not get the headrest as low as they should. Second, some vehicles have built-in headrests without exposed pillars. So there is no way to mount a traditional head mount.

The Wanpool mount neatly solves both problems by using a wraparound attachment that works either vertically or horizontally. With this cover, you attach a clamp, which has the function of adjusting the vertical angle. This mounting system is only suitable for people sitting directly behind the front seats, but otherwise it is a great choice, especially if you move a lot. The clamp can handle tablets up to 12.9″.

Safety first!

There are some great tablet mounts here, but whichever you choose, we want to remind you that using your tablet while driving can be dangerous. It’s best to limit tablet use to passengers or when your car is parked. If you want to use your tablet to navigate or control music, consider using Siri for hands-free operations so you never have to take your eyes off the road or keep your hands off the wheel.

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