Syncwire iPhone charger review

Your iPhone has become a part of your life like a toothbrush or deodorant. Standard everyday services rely on your mobile device to function. Many people even use their phones to pay for things at the store. All of this means you need a way to keep your devices charged, even on the go.

Syncwire manufactures a variety of charging devices, including lightning cables and USB-C fast chargers that plug into the vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet (commonly known as a cigarette lighter). The company sent us a charger and a Lightning cable for testing.

USB-C Fast Charger: Convenient but Not Fast

The idea of ​​fast car charging was an interesting one, but unfortunately, the Syncwire charger didn’t live up to expectations. While convenient and capable of charging two devices at once (one via the USB port and the other via the USB-C port), it doesn’t achieve “fast charge” speeds.

In our tests, the charger operated at about 1% battery per minute of charge. In 25 minutes of charging, it only charged 29% of the phone. According to Apple, fast charging restores 50% of battery power in just half an hour of charging.

Syncwire charger

Syncwire Specifications

Syncwire chargers are packed with features. It supports both PD and QC fast charging protocols and can power two devices at the same time with up to 2.4 amps each. According to its spec sheet, the charger can generate up to 24W and recharge to 80% in 35 minutes, but our testing didn’t support this claim.

The charger has a built-in chip that protects against voltage variations such as overvoltage and undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, etc. This is especially useful in cars or trucks where the battery may not be able to deliver. appropriate power supply.

According to Syncwire, this charger is compatible with a wide range of products up to iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S20.

Syncwire interface

Someone is holding Syncwire between their fingers

The Syncwire fast charger is small and compact. It doesn’t protrude far from the auxiliary power port, and its simple black design doesn’t attract much attention. There is a single status light above the QC port, other than that, nothing else.

Despite its simple design, the Syncwire feels good in that it has a bit of weight to it. Unlike many chargers that feel flimsy and fragile, the weight of this charger gives the user a sense of quality. It never rattled in the port, and the charging cable was never provided free of charge during use.

Lightning Syncwire Cable

The other half of the package that Syncwire distributes is a nylon braided lightning cable. This cable is quite impressive; Not only does it feel premium, but its 6-foot length gives it plenty of reach.

Lightning Syncwire Charger

Syncwire Cable Specifications

The Lightning Syncwire charger is Apple certified, which means it doesn’t have the risks inherent in many cheaper Lightning cables. It transmits both electricity and data with ease. At no point did it disconnect during testing.

It contains the latest Apple C89 charging chip, which Syncwire claims charges the device 20% faster than a standard Lightning cable. However, where the cable is most impressive is its construction.

Designed with aramid fiber core, it can be bent 12,000 times without breaking. This gives it a tremendous amount of power making it perfect for on-the-go use. Although we didn’t bend it 12,000 times, the Lightning cable feels solid in the hand.

Apple C89 MFI Certification Specifications

Synchronous cable form

Lightning cables are braided and light colored. While it’s unlikely to score much on sophistication, it does look better than the standard Lightning cable supplied with most Apple devices. Its appearance is functional and useful, with a braided exterior.

Is the Syncwire charger worth a try?

Both the car charger and the Lightning cable impressed during testing, even if the car charger didn’t live up to its fast charging expectations. These two devices have a total price of just $33, which is significantly cheaper than comparable lengths of Lightning cables from other retailers.

The devices work well and do what they need to do for a decent price. If you’re looking for a spare Lightning cable, Syncwire’s pick is definitely worth your time. You can buy both the cable and the car charger from Amazon.

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