Is your iPhone calendar out of sync?11 ways to fix

Are some events or appointments displayed on your iPhone calendar? Or maybe the iPhone won’t sync new events to other iCloud devices? This article explains why and how to solve the problem.

iCloud Calendar can fail to sync events for a variety of reasons, including poor internet connections, incorrect date and time settings, incorrect synchronization settings, software bugs, and more. Here are 11 things to try if your iPhone calendar doesn’t sync events between devices.

First and foremost, make sure you’re signed in to the correct Apple ID account.[設定]Go to and tap the name at the top of the screen to verify that your Apple ID account is yours.If not, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Sign outSign in to the correct account.

1. Enable calendar synchronization

First, make sure your iPhone is configured to share and receive calendar data with other devices connected to your account.To do this, go to setting >> >> calendar >> >> account Select the affected account.

For iCloud calendar iCloud On the account page, tap iCloud It will reappear on the resulting Apple ID page.

In Apps that use iCloud Section, check calendar Can be switched on.

To fix sync issues with third-party calendars (such as Google Calendar)[アカウント]Select a third-party service on the page.

Then check calendar Can be switched on.

Resuming calendar sync may fix an issue where your iPhone’s calendar isn’t syncing, so switch it off. calendar Select an option to turn it back on.

2. Check your internet connection

If you have calendar sync enabled in your account and you still don’t see the updated events in the Calendar app, make sure your internet is working properly. Start your browser and see if the web page loads. If you are using mobile data, you need to make sure your calendar can access your mobile data.

Move to setting >> >> Mobile data (Also Cellular data), Scroll through the apps on the list, calendar Can be switched on.

You can also turn airplane mode on and then back off. This will update your iPhone’s connection and hopefully restore it to its original state.

For a Wi-Fi connection, power cycle the router and rejoin the network. Can’t access the internet yet? Try resetting your router to factory defaults. This Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide also summarizes some potential solutions to connectivity issues.

3. Disable low data mode

To reduce mobile phone and Wi-Fi usage, iOS Low Data mode temporarily suspends background services such as automatic app updates, background app updates, and app syncs. If your iCloud calendar isn’t syncing, make sure your iPhone isn’t low in data mode.

Move to setting >> >> Mobile data (Or cellular)> Mobile data options (Or switch off with cellular data options Low data mode..

4. Disable low power mode

Low power mode is another iOS feature that temporarily disables iCloud sync and other background services to reduce battery consumption. If your iPhone is always in low power mode, calendar events from other iCloud devices will not be reflected in your iPhone calendar. Turn off low power mode and wait a few minutes for Apple to enter it in your calendar.

Open Control Center and tap Yellow battery icon Disable low power mode.

If this icon is not available in Control Center, please go to setting >> >> battery Switch off Low power mode..

5. Update the calendar

If your iPhone (or iPad) doesn’t sync your events with other devices, it’s a good idea to refresh the calendar connected to the Calendar app.To do this, launch the calendar app and tap calendar It’s at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe down on the list and release when the refresh icon pops up.

Tap end Check if the missing event appears in the calendar.

6. Check the date and time settings

If the date and time on your iPhone are incorrect, iCloud will not sync your calendar events.Move to setting >> >> Universal >> >> Date Time Please confirm Automatic setting The option is turned on.

In addition, we want iPhone to use location data to automatically determine the correct date, time, and time zone settings.Move to setting >> >> privacy >> >> Location-based services >> >> System service surely Time zone setting It is enabled.

7. Change the sync time frame

Can’t find old events in your iPhone calendar? Does the calendar app only show recent events? Go to your calendar settings and change the sync time frame to sync all your events.

Move to setting >> >> calendar >> >> Sync Choose All events..

This will sync all events (old and new) from other devices to your calendar.

8. Check the default calendar

You can use multiple calendars on your iPhone on iOS, but you must select one as your default calendar account. iOS saves / syncs events created on iPhone to the default calendar account. If you don’t have iPhone events on other iCloud devices, make sure iCloud is your default calendar account.

Move to setting >> >> calendar >> >> Default calendar Select one of your calendars in the iCloud section.

9. Check the status of iCloud calendar

Events can be lost on iPhone if iCloud Calendar Server is down. Visit the Apple System Status page to see if your iCloud Calendar server is working properly online.

A green indicator indicates that iCloud Calendar is up, and a yellow indicator indicates a service outage or server problem.

10. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will fix many iCloud apps and services syncing issues. If all the troubleshooting techniques so far haven’t worked, shut down your iPhone and see if you want to sync your events when the calendar comes back on. If the issue persists, try restarting other iCloud devices connected to your Apple ID account.

11. Re-add calendar

Some iPhone users who had similar issues were able to resolve the issue by deleting and adding the calendar account again.Move to setting >> >> calendar >> >> account Select a calendar account.

For third-party calendars Delete account Delete the calendar from your iPhone.

Return to your account page and tap Add an account Add the calendar again.

To remove iCloud Calendar from your device, you need to sign out of your Apple ID. Tap iCloud calendar and tap Sign out I will continue.

Note: Signing out of your Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad will disable some apps and remove some files (such as Apple Music downloads) from your device. We recommend that you back up your device locally (to your Mac or PC) before signing out of your Apple ID.

Never miss an event

These are the surest solutions to the iCloud calendar sync issue on iPhone and iPad. If the problem persists, please update your device to the latest iOS version. If your device is out of date or full of bugs, your calendar may malfunction. Reset device settings to factory defaults (setting >> >> Universal >> >> reset >> >> Reset all settings) May also solve the problem.

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