Is there a spinning wheel icon in the iPhone menu bar all the time? 13 ways to fix it

iPhones with Touch ID, such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2020), indicate network activity in the form of a spinning wheel icon in the status bar. It appears next to the Wi-Fi and cellular indicators and tends to disappear when nothing is happening on the internet.

However, in rare cases, rogue app processes or connection-related issues can cause icons to remain stuck indefinitely. This usually has a negative impact on iPhone battery life.

If you’re constantly seeing a spinning wheel icon in your iPhone’s menu bar, use the troubleshooting tips and fixes below to resolve the issue.

1. Toggle airplane mode on/off

Shutting down your iPhone’s Wi-Fi and cellular radios for a short time can sometimes fix minor Internet connection issues. You can do that by toggling airplane mode on/off.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center. next, airplane mode Tap the icon, wait 10 seconds, then tap it again.

Airplane mode icon in Control Center

If the spinning wheel icon still appears in your iPhone’s menu bar, continue with the rest of the fixes.

2. Disable Background App Refresh

Some apps update over the internet in the background. This can cause a constantly spinning wheel icon to appear in the status bar of your iPhone.

Try disabling the Background App Refresh feature on your iPhone.To do it, head to setting > privacy > Background app refresh > Background app refresh and choose off.

Select Off in Background App Refresh

If the spinning wheel icon stuck issue is resolved, Wi-Fi & cellular data Re-enable background app refresh. Then go back to the previous screen and toggle the Background App Refresh switch individually to identify the offending app.

3. Force quit all apps

Killing all open apps on your iPhone can get rid of stuck network requests. Double click iPhone House Click the button to open the app switcher. Then drag each app card to the top of the screen to kill it from memory.

Drag the app card to the top

4. Check for network related issues

If you have a spotty Internet connection, you’ll see a constant spinning wheel icon in your iPhone’s menu bar. Since you’ve already toggled airplane mode on and off, there are some other things you can do.

5. Activate and Cancel Siri

A bugged out instance of Siri is another reason for the constantly spinning wheel icon issue.

An unusual way to fix this is to activate Siri and cancel it. . House Call Siri with a button. next, House Press the button again to cancel. After a few tries, the spinning circle should disappear.

Siri started

6. Restart your iPhone

Did the spinning wheel icon disappear? If not, try restarting your iPhone. This will flush your system memory and fix many unexpected issues in iOS.

Start by pressing and holding . ~ side button. next, Power Click the icon to shut down your device.

power icon slide

wait 30 seconds then ~ side Press the button again to backup your device.

7. Disable Siri

If enabling and canceling Siri doesn’t work, try disabling the feature on your iPhone.go to setting > Siri & Search Disable the switch next to Listen to “Hey” Siri When Press Siri’s side button.

Siri disabled in Siri & Search

If you’ve fixed the constantly spinning wheel icon issue, you should apply a pending system software update (details below) to fix a known Siri bug.

8. Disable Dictation

The iPhone’s dictation feature works by relaying certain voice inputs (such as those related to searches) to Apple servers. However, this can glitch out into a constantly spinning circle.

See if disabling dictation helps.To do it, head to setting > Universal > keyboard turn off the switch next to Enable dictation.

Enable keyboard dictation switch

9. Update your iPhone

Updating your iPhone usually fixes various system-related bugs that cause the spinning wheel icon on your iPhone to appear.

go to setting > Universal > software update and tap Download and install Also Install now Apply pending updates to iOS immediately.

General software updates

10. App update

Aside from iOS, any available updates should also be installed on third-party apps. This should fix a known issue where network-related processes are corrupted on iPhones.

long press app store Click icon to select updateThen perform a swipe gesture to scan for new app updates.tap to follow Update all Apply all pending app updates.

11. Disable iPhone Analytics

iPhone sends usage statistics to Apple to improve various services like Siri and Dictation. However, this can also cause the spinning wheel icon to remain in the iPhone’s menu bar.

go to setting > privacy > trackingThen scroll down and select Analyze and improve. continue,[分析と改善]Turn off all switches in the screen.

iPhone analytics disabled

12. Revoke app tracking permissions

Apps can track you across the web and other apps. As a result, you may also see a constantly spinning circle on your iPhone’s status bar. Revoke tracking permissions and see if that helps.

go to setting > privacy > tracking Turn off all switches next to apps that have permission to track you on your iPhone.

13. Reset iPhone

If you see a constantly spinning wheel icon, you need to reset your iPhone to fix corrupted settings.go to setting > Universal > reset Perform each reset option in the following order:

Reset network settings: Restore network settings to default.

reset all settings: Restore all network and system-related settings on your iPhone to default.

Reset setting menu

Erase all content and settings: Restore your iPhone to factory defaults. Create an iCloud or Finder/iTunes backup on your Mac or PC in advance so you can get your data back.

contact apple

Did none of the above fixes help? If the spinning wheel icon still appears in your iPhone’s status bar, you may be looking for a device with defective hardware. Contact Apple for repair or replacement.

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