iPhone update stuck?13 ways to fix it

If you decide to proceed with the OTA (wireless) iOS update on your iPhone, you can expect it to complete without serious problems. Apple deserves recognition for its achievements. However, on rare occasions, you may encounter strange updates that refuse to cross the finish line.

If you’re faced with a stuck iPhone update, the list of fixes below should hopefully help you organize it.

IPhone updates get stuck during download

When you start the iOS update, iPhone will start downloading the system software files needed to install the update. The download process has multiple stages, including requesting updates, downloading, preparing for updates, and confirming updates.

However, you can get stuck in any of these phases. In that case, at least one of the following fixes should help make things work again.

1. Wait a minute

iOS updates often take a long time to download. For example, if you install a major iOS update on the release date, this is not surprising given the heavy load on Apple’s servers. Please be patient for a while, and you may see some progress.

2. Switch airplane mode on / off

Turning iPhone airplane mode on and then off again eliminates random network-related issues and allows you to quickly fix most stuck system software downloads.

Just open Control Center on your iPhone and tap Airplane mode Turn on the icon. Wait at least 5 seconds, then tap again to turn it off.

Control center airplane mode

3. Connect to power supply

It’s a good idea to connect your device to a power source, even if your iPhone has a lot of charge left.It should fix stuck iOS updates, especially if it keeps struggling to move beyond Preparing for update The phase of the download process.

You also need to disable low power mode (if active). This is because this feature may cause your iPhone to not work optimally.

IPhone connected to power supply

4. Change your internet connection

Downloading stuck iPhone system software may be the result of uneven Wi-Fi connection. If your iPhone (or any other device connected to the same network) uses other apps and the internet is slow, you can:

5. Restart your iPhone

Rebooting the iPhone is a common troubleshooting fix for most issues and includes a stack of iOS downloads.Grow up Slide to turn off the power Press both to get the prompt Volume down When ~ side Button (or simply ~ side Press the button on the device with Touch ID) to shut down the device.

Slide to turn off the screen

Wait 30 seconds, ~ side Press the button again to restart your iPhone. next, setting >> >> Universal >> >> Software update Resume the update.

6. Remove the update and re-download

Sometimes the best way to fix a stuck iPhone update is to remove it and start over.Move to setting >> >> Universal >> >> iPhone storage.. The list of apps displayed will show partially downloaded update files (eg) iOS 14.5).Tap and then tap Remove updates..

Then revisit Software update Resume the system software download on the screen.

7. Use cellular data instead of Wi-Fi

If you’re using an iPhone 12 or later, you can discontinue Wi-Fi and use 5G cellular data to download iOS updates.Move to setting >> >> Cellular >> >> Cellular data options >> >> Data mode Choose Allow more data in 5G..

Allow more data in selected 5G

8. Free up space

If your iPhone is about to run out of storage, you’ll need to free up some space for the update to work properly.

Move to setting >> >> Universal >> >> iPhone storage Use the Recommendations Listed in the screen to reuse storage. You can also take advantage of the offload feature.Tap the app to select Offload the app Delete the app without deleting the relevant data or documents. In addition, you can reduce the storage of “Other” on your iPhone.

Settings> General> iPhone Storage” class =”wp-image-11942″ srcset =”https://beupdate.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/1658182817_635_iPhone-update-stuck13-ways-to-fix-it.jpg 680w, https://www.switchingtomac.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03 /05-Free-Up-Storage-300×251.jpg 300w, https://www.switchingtomac.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/05-Free-Up-Storage-610×510.jpg 610w, https: / /www.switchingtomac.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/05-Free-Up-Storage-60×50.jpg 60w” sizes =”(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px”/></figure>
<h2><span class=9. Reset the network settings

Resetting the iPhone network settings is another fix that can help iOS updates get stuck.Move to setting >> >> Universal >> >> reset Choose Reset network settings.. After the reset procedure, you will need to manually reconnect to Wi-Fi.

10. Update via Finder / iTunes

If none of the above fixes work, you’ll need to stop the OTA update and apply it using the Finder on your Mac or iTunes on your PC.

First, connect your iPhone to your computer and open Finder or iTunes. Then select your iPhone from the top left of the iTunes window or Finder sidebar. next, Check for updates..

IPhone selected in iTunes

This will prompt iTunes / Finder to download the latest iOS updates to your Mac or PC. The update will be installed on your iPhone shortly thereafter.

IPhone updates get stuck during installation

Aside from download issues, it is also possible that your iPhone will get stuck while installing the iOS update. If you are experiencing it now, here is what you have to do.

11. Wait a little longer

iOS updates tend to take a long time to install. This applies to all major system software updates and most minor (or point) updates.

You may have been waiting for a while, but even if the progress bar seems to be stuck, there may be a lot of activity in the background. Ideally, you should wait at least 30 minutes before proceeding to the next fix.


12. Force a reboot of the device

If you wait and you don’t see any progress, you’ll need to force a restart of your iPhone. Normally, it should prompt you to restart from where the iOS update is stuck.

iPhone 8 series or later

Press and release quickly Turn up the volume With a button Volume down Press the buttons one after another.Then press and hold quickly ~ side button. Press and hold until the screen goes dark and the Apple logo reappears.

Apple logo

iPhone 7 series

Press and hold both Volume down When ~ side button. Press and hold until the device restarts and the Apple logo will reappear.

Before iPhone 6 series

Press and hold both House When ~ side button. Press and hold until the Apple logo disappears and reappears.

13. Enter recovery mode

If a forced restart has no effect and the Apple logo continues to appear (with or without a progress bar), you’ll need to force a restart of your iPhone to enter recovery mode.

Then you can use update Option to reinstall the latest version of iOS without losing data. If that fails (probably due to file corruption), then[[return Instead, reset the device to factory settings. All the data on your iPhone will be lost, but you can get it back later via iCloud or iTunes / Finder backup.

Updated iOS

A dead iPhone update can be painful, but it can usually be organized with considerable troubleshooting. In most cases, waiting a little longer is enough. If not, the other modifications above should rotate these wheels.

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