How to use Safari tab groups on iPhone, iPad and Mac

You are probably accustomed to saving your favorite websites by bookmarking them. You can even create folders to keep related bookmarks in one convenient location.

Safari tab groups allow you to save a set of sites in an open tab and then reopen the group quickly and easily. This is great for websites that open daily for research, news, school, or business. Then you can switch to the group of sites you need, when you need them, with one quick action.

Tab groups are available in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In addition, if you use iCloud to sync Safari between devices, you’ll see tab groups wherever you are.

Use Safari tab groups on iPhone and iPad

You can use the Safari tab groups on your iPhone or iPad to open the exact site you need at the moment, without having to open each one individually. This feature is available on iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 and above.

Create a tab group in Safari

You can create a tab group from the tabs that are open in the Safari window, or you can set an empty tab group to add your website later.

  1. Tap tab An icon on the toolbar at the bottom (top of the iPad).
  2. choose tab An arrow that shows the number of tabs currently open.
Visual steps to create a tab group
  1. Please choose either New empty tab group Also New tab group from X tab..
  2. Name and tap the tab group keep..
[4つのタブと名前]From the tab[新しい空のタブグループ]or[新しいタブグループ]Choose

Then of the group with that name[タブの概要]Is displayed.When you’re done with the tab overview, tap end You will be returned to the website you were viewing.

Tab overview

Open and close Safari tab groups

You can open a tab group using the same actions that you would create a tab group.

  1. Tap tab Use the toolbar icons tab The arrow on the next screen.
  2. Select the tab group you want to open to see an overview of the tabs on your site that are included as thumbnails.
  3. Simply select a tab to view your website.
Visual instructions for opening tab groups

To close the tab group and return to the previous tab, tab Click the icon, then the arrow next to the tab group name at the bottom (top of the iPad). Then select the first option. It can be displayed as a 1-tab, 2-tab, or start page.

Selected tab group

Add tabs to groups

You can add tabs to groups that already contain tabs or are empty.Long press tab Toolbar Go to tab group Then select a group.

Go to tab group

Alternatively, open the tab group in the tab overview.choose Plus sign Open a new tab in the lower left (upper right on your iPad) to access the site. This will automatically add that tab (web page) to the group.

Plus icons are automatically added to the group

Rename or delete Safari tab groups

You can give an existing tab group a new name or delete the group altogether if you no longer need it.

  1. choose tab Alternatively, select the group name arrow at the bottom (top of the iPad) to edit..
Edit button
  1. Tap 3 dots To the right of the tab group erase Also Rename.. You can also reorder the tab groups if you have multiple tab groups by dragging the three lines next to the group up or down.
  2. select end When finished, it will appear in the upper left corner of a small window.
[削除と名前の変更]With options[完了]button

Use tab groups in Safari on Mac

As with mobile Apple devices, Safari tab groups on your Mac make it easy to switch to a collection of websites. This feature is available in Safari 15 and above.

Create a Safari tab group from an open tab

If you already have one or more tabs open in Safari, you can quickly place them all in a tab group.

  1. choose Tab group picker On the toolbar.This is the arrow on the right Side bar icon.
  2. Choose New tab group with this tab If you have only one tab open, or New tab group with X tabs If multiple tabs are open.
Tab group picker> New tab group with 3 tabs” class =”wp-image-15470″ srcset =” 338w, -300×154.png 300w,×165.png 320w, /2022/01/image-29-80×41.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 338px) 100vw, 338px”/></figure>
<ol start=
  • When the sidebar is displayed, it looks like this: Untitled As the default name for the new tab group.Enter a name for the group and press return..
  • The name of the new tab group

    Create an empty tab group

    You may want to have a tab group for sites you plan to visit later. In this case, you can create an empty tab group.

    • If the sidebar is closed, Tab group picker Select on the toolbar New empty tab group..
    Tab Group Picker> New Empty Tab Group” class =”wp-image-15472″ srcset =” 299w, -80×45.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 299px) 100vw, 299px”/></figure>
<li>If the sidebar is open, <strong>Plus sign</strong> Select at the top <strong>New empty tab group</strong>..</li>
<div class=
    Plus sign> New empty tab group” class =”wp-image-15473″ srcset =” 360w, -300×71.png 300w,×76.png 320w, /2022/01/image-32-80×19.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 360px) 100vw, 360px”/></figure>
<p>When the group appears in the sidebar, enter a name. The name is displayed as follows. <strong>Untitled</strong> By default.</p>
<h4><span class=Open and close tab groups

    With Safari open, you can switch from the current window to a tab group in one of two ways.

    • If the sidebar is closed, Tab group picker In the toolbar, select the group you want to open.
    Tab group picker
    • If the sidebar is open, Tab group section.
    Tab group

    To close the tab group and return to the previously active window Tab group picker Select the top option or select the top option in the sidebar. It can be displayed as a 1-tab, 2-tab, or start page.

    Tab group picker

    Add tabs to groups

    Whether you’re creating a tab group from an open tab or as an empty container, you can easily add tabs to the group.

    Right-click a tab on the tab bar and slide the cursor to the following location. Go to tab groupSelect a group from the list in the pop-up menu.

    Go to tab group

    Alternatively, open a tab group to access your website. The tab (web page) is automatically added to the group.

    Preview of tabs in a group

    You can also see the tabs in a group and quickly jump to a specific tab in that group.

    Use the toolbar buttons to open the sidebar. next, View tab summary The icon to the right of the tab group.You can also right-click on a group to select it View tab summary..

    Google>[タブの概要を表示]”  class =”wp-image-15478″ srcset =” 380w, -300×255.png 300w,×272.png 320w, / 2022/01/image-37-360×306.png 360w,×50.png 59w” sizes =”(max-width: 380px) 100vw, 380px”/></figure>
<p>This will give you an overview of all the tabs in the group so you can select a particular tab and jump directly to that tab.</p>
<div class=

    Change or delete tab groups

    Once you’ve set up a tab group, you can add websites to it and make changes to the group.

    • Remove the tab from the group: Open the group and select to close the tab X It’s on the left side of the tab.
    • Relocate the tabs in the group: Open the group and drag the tab to a new location on the tab bar.
    • Rename the tab group: Open the sidebar, right-click on the tab group, and click[Rename..Enter a name and press return..
    • Delete tab group: Open the sidebar, right-click on the tab group, and click[erase..
    Rename and delete options

    Safari tab groups make it easy to access a collection of sites that you visit on a regular basis.

    If you need additional help with Safari, find out how to keep your browsing more secure by using the Private Browsing feature or blocking websites in Safari.

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