How to use Focus Mode on iPhone, iPad and Mac to reduce distractions

You may find it impossible to avoid distractions on our devices. Whether you’re working, reading, meditation, or spending a good time with your family, there always seems to be text messages, app alerts, or phone calls. Unfortunately, you may not be able to turn off, silence, or even ignore your phone.

Fortunately, Apple has introduced focus on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. Focus mode allows you to customize the notifications, calls, and alerts you receive. In addition, you can set a specific home screen that shows only the apps you want to allow during focus time, let others know that you aren’t available, and share your settings with other Apple devices.

Let’s dig into how to get the most out of this handy new focus feature and reduce distractions.

Set focus mode on iPhone and iPad

To set a new focus mode on iPhone and iPad setting App and selection concentration..[サイレント],[運転],or[スリープ]Choose. You can also set personal or work focus if desired.

Settings> Focus” class =”wp-image-15706″ srcset =” 951w, -FocusSettingsiPhone-279×300.png 279w,×827.png 768w, /uploads/2022/02/1-FocusSettingsiPhone-320×345.png 320w,×689.png 640w, https: // www×388.png 360w,×776. png 720w,×862.png 800w, 02/1-FocusSettingsiPhone-610×657.png 610w,×50.png 46w, https://www.switchingt 1024w” sizes =”(max-width: 951px) 100vw, 951px”/></figure>
<h4><span class=Allowed notifications

under Allowed notificationsAllows you to pass calls and alerts from specific people or apps during focus time.

  • people:[許可されたユーザー]and,[人を追加 連絡先から誰かを選択します。[許可]and,[お気に入り],[グループ],[誰もいない]Or choose to receive a call from another option.
  • App (Cannot be used for driving):[許可されたアプリ]and,[アプリを追加 通知を受信するアプリを選択し、オプションでトグルを有効にします 時間に敏感 通知。



  • フォーカスステータス:これを有効にすると、通知を無音にしたことを示すメッセージが表示されます。 他の人はメッセージアプリのような場所でこれを見ることができます。
  • ホーム画面 (運転には使用できません):通知バッジを非表示にし、カスタムホーム画面を選択して特定のアプリのみを表示できます。 これは、フォーカス時間が仕事のためであり、SlackやMicrosoftTeamsなどの特定のアプリのみを表示したい場合に便利です。
  • ロック画面 (運転には使用できません):ディスプレイを暗くして、ロック画面に無音の通知を表示できます。
  • 自動返信 (運転のみ):お気に入り、すべての連絡先、最近の人、または誰にも自動返信を作成しません。




Shared between devices

When you return to the main focus setting,[デバイス間で共有]The switching of is displayed. Turn this on to sync focus mode with your Apple device.

Set focus on Mac

To set a new focus mode on your Mac System Preferences Use the Dock icon or the Apple icon in the menu bar. next, Notifications and focus..

Go to concentration Click the tab and on the left[サイレント],[運転],or[スリープ]Choose.

System Preferences> Notifications and Focus” class =”wp-image-15710″ srcset =” 919w, -276×300.png 276w,×836.png 768w, / 2022/02/5-FocusSettingsMac-320×348.png 320w,×696.png 640w, https://www.switchingtomac .com / wp-content / uploads / 2022/02/5-FocusSettingsMac-360×392.png 360w,×783.png 720w ,×871.png 800w, 5-FocusSettingsMac-610×664.png 610w,×50.png 46w” sizes =”(max-width: 919px) 100vw, 919px”/></figure>
<h4><span class=Allowed notifications from

As with the iPhone, you can choose which users or apps will receive notifications during focus time.Choose people Also App At the top of the box Plus sign Add one.

Plus sign

select option Customize time-sensitive notifications, allowed calls, and recurring calls.

Options to customize time-sensitive notifications, allowed calls, and recurring calls.

Turn on automation, automation, and scheduling

[フォーカス]At the bottom of the tab are spots for scheduling and automation. For silent or custom focus, you can set a schedule to quickly enable or disable it.

Scheduling and automation section

For driving and sleeping, you can set these automatic options on your iPhone or iPad.

Share focus status and share between devices

The last focus setting available on the Mac Share focus status When Shared between devices.. To enable these additional features, simply select one or both check boxes.

Create custom focus on iPhone and iPad

Apple provides the above presets that you can use for focus mode. As you can see, silent, driving and sleeping have become part of the focus. In addition, you can use personal, work, fitness, gaming, mindfulness, reading, or a completely custom focus.

  1. Move to setting >> >> concentration..
  2. Select from the list to use personal or work.For another activity, tap Plus sign It is in the upper right. next,[カスタム]Or select one of the other options.
  3. [カスタム]If you select, you will be prompted to specify the focus mode name, color, and icon before configuring the settings. If you choose another activity, such as reading, just follow the prompts to configure the focus settings.
Visual instructions for creating a custom focus

Create a custom focus on your Mac

  1. Move to System Preferences >> >> Notifications and focus Choose concentration tab.
  2. On the left side Plus sign At the bottom of the list[カスタム]Or select one of the other options.
Plus sign-in notifications and focus
  1. [カスタム]If you select, you will be prompted to assign a name, color, and icon before adding it to the list. If you select another activity, such as a game, it will appear in the list at the top.
Name, color, icon screen
  1. With the new focus selected on the left, use the settings on the right to configure the above options.

Turn on focus mode

You can set the available focus modes to enable them manually at any time, whether scheduled or automatic.

On your iPhone and iPad, do one of the following:

  • Open Control center,Tap concentrationSelect the focus mode to use.
  • Open settingselect concentrationTap the focus mode you want to use and enable the toggle.
Focus on the control center

On a Mac, do one of the following:

  • Open Control centerselect concentrationSelect the focus mode to use.
  • Open System Preferences,Go to Notifications and focusSelect focus mode on the left and enable toggle on the right.
Control Center Focus Mode Menu

You can manually turn off focus using any of the above actions, then deselect focus mode or disable toggle.

Remove focus

Later, if you no longer need the focus mode you set and want to remove it completely instead of disabling it, you can remove the focus on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

On your iPhone and iPad, open Focus Settings and select a mode.Tap at the bottom Remove focus Tap to confirm Remove focus..

Remove focus

For Mac, open Focus Settings, select the mode on the left, Minus sign It’s at the bottom.Select to confirm Remove focus..

Remove focus

Remember to sync the focus you create with other Apple devices. In other words, if you remove Focus on iPhone, it will be removed on Mac. The reverse is also true.

You can use the focus feature on your Apple device to minimize interruptions while working, reading, exercising, or simply relaxing.

For other ways to reduce distractions, you can use screen time on your iPhone and iPad, or set screen time on your Mac. This allows you to limit the use of your app and schedule downtime.

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