How to use Apple Pencil on iPad

Buying an iPad is a great investment. You get more display space for things like watching movies, reading, writing, or creating art. It’s like having a virtual laptop with lots of possibilities.

The Apple Pencil accessory for iPad is also a great investment. It is designed in such a way that it is easy to set up and has a multitude of uses on the iPad. It looks like any other stylus you can buy, but it’s much more complicated.

Apple Pencil can create different pressures if you are doing art. It’s also much easier to write on because of its sleek design that looks exactly like an actual pencil. So, exactly, in what ways can the Apple Pencil be used effectively with the iPad?

Take notes with Apple Pencil

One of the best uses of the Apple Pencil is taking notes. It makes taking quick and long notes super simple. The updated Notes app also has more features, so you can keep your notes neat and organized.

Grocery list in the Notes . app

When you open Notes, you can immediately start writing with your Pencil. If you want to add text to your note, you can tap the screen to add text wherever you handwritten.

In the bottom right corner, you’ll see an icon with a marker. You can tap this button for a variety of writing options, such as markers, markers, or pencils. There is also an eraser, selection tool, and ruler. You can choose any color to use for these from the color wheel.

Marker option

You can also insert and write on photos in the Notes app. To do this, tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner and select a photo to use. Once inserted, tap the image and then the marker icon in the top right. You will have the same tools available for marking up photos. Once you’re done, press Accomplished and the edited image will be in your notes.

Edit photos with Apple Pencil

Editing your photos just got easier with Apple Pencil. You may find that if you only use your finger or a stylus, achieving great accuracy can be difficult. If you want to edit photos in more detail or are using more complex programs, using Apple Pencil can be especially helpful.

Adobe Lightroom Apps

When you’re editing specific parts of a photo that require more detailed work, such as airbrushing or cropping parts, you’ll get much clearer results using Pencil. For example, in Adobe Lightroom, you can precisely adjust your photos with finer selections, or use Pencil to add or remove effects.

If you’re just using the photo editor built into the Photos app, you can use Apple Pencil to get more precise values ​​using the slider. You can also bookmark photos here by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner and pressing Tick.

The tools available in the Notes app for writing on photos are the same here, so if you’d rather do it directly in the Photos app instead of Notes, this is also an option.

Markup PDF with Apple Pencil

If you do a lot of work with PDF, you may already know about the many applications available to edit these documents, such as PDF Expert.

A marked PDF file

Using apps like these becomes incredibly easy with Apple Pencil. It feels like taking notes with a pen or marker. However, you can always remove or remove marks with programs like these.

If you don’t want to download a dedicated PDF app but still want to bookmark articles you can view online or your documents, you can always screenshot these articles and bookmark them right from the app. Use Photos.

Create a presentation or video with Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil can also be used if you need to do any kind of presentation or video where you want to write or draw to explain something. There are a lot of apps out there that you can use as frameworks for this, such as Notability.

Notable apps

If you want to do this in real time for a presentation, all you need is to connect your iPad to the display using a compatible HDMI cable. Or if you want to create a video where you’re writing or drawing something out, you can use your iPad’s screen recording capabilities to do so easily.

Apple Pencil can help you interpret correctly and will prevent any possible mistakes when using bulky fingers or styluses.

Use Apple Pencil for Art or Calligraphy

The Apple Pencil’s primary market is creating art, so it definitely has to be top quality when it comes to doing this. With apps like Procreate, you can use Apple Pencil to create beautiful works of digital art. It’s really essential for artists who love iPad.

Create apps

One great feature of the Pencil that makes it perfect for art is that it is pressure-resistant and tilt-sensitive. This means your stroke adjusts in opacity, width, and size depending on how much you press down and how you position the pencil.

It also prevents any possible stray tracks by placing your palm or forearm on the screen by just picking up the Apple Pencil for any input. So you can comfortably let your hands and arms rest, allowing for much easier drawing or sketching.

Use Apple Pencil on iPad

Overall, the Apple Pencil is a great investment for any kind of work or hobby you might do that involves the iPad. If you already have one but aren’t sure about the best ways to use it, now you know how many possibilities there are.

With the number of apps available on the App Store, the number of ways to get creative with Apple Pencil on iPad is virtually endless.

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