How to Restore iTunes Library on Windows from iPhone

Lost your iTunes library due to reinstalling Windows, crashing your hard drive, or having your PC stolen? Don’t panic, iTunes media purchased from other Apple devices can be easily restored.

The whole process is pretty easy, but if you miss a step, you may run into some problems. I will show you how to transfer it to your PC.

How to Restore iTunes Library from iPhone to PC

First of all, to restore your iTunes library, you need to reinstall iTunes on your PC. Download the iTunes app from the Microsoft Store. If you can’t access or use the Microsoft Store, download the iTunes setup file from Apple’s website.

iTunes install button

Note: Disconnect your iPhone from your PC before reinstalling iTunes. Then disable automatic syncing in iTunes (see step 2 below) before connecting your iPhone. If you don’t do this, your iTunes media purchases and downloads will be removed from your iPhone.

  1. select edit in the menu bar Environmental setting.
Edit > Preferences ” class=”wp-image-13336″  /></figure>
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  • go to device tab, check Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from Syncing Automaticallychoose all right.
  • [デバイス]tab's[iPod、iPhone、および iPad が自動的に同期されないようにする]Checkbox
    1. The next thing you need to do is enable your PC to access your iTunes account in the menu bar, approvalchoose approve this computer.
    Account > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer ” class=”wp-image-13338″  /></figure>
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  • Enter your Apple ID credentials (the same Apple ID that is connected to your iPhone) and click. approve continue.
  • Apple ID and password screen

    If your Apple ID account is protected by two-factor authentication, you may be asked to enter a verification code. After completing the authentication process, you will receive a success notification.[OK]Click to continue.

    1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.
    2. A “Trust this computer” prompt will appear on your iPhone asking if your PC will access your device’s settings and data.Tap trust Enter your iPhone passcode to continue.
    Trust this computer prompt
    1. select File in the menu bar, devicechoose Transfer purchases from [device name].
    File > Device > Transfer purchases from [device name]”  class=”wp-image-13341″  /></figure>
<p>Alternatively, right-click your iPhone in the sidebar and select <strong>transfer purchase</strong>.</p>
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    Transfer purchases via right-click menu

    iTunes will scan your connected iPhone and sync your iTunes library in no time. You’ll see the sync progress at the top of the app.

    Sync progress window
    1. If you haven’t authorized your PC to access your iTunes purchases (see steps 4 and 5), you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Apple ID account.Enter your account credentials and click check.
    Account Credentials Window and Confirmation Button

    Wait for iTunes to sync iTunes and iCloud Music Library. This will take several minutes, mainly depending on the speed of your internet connection. After the transfer is complete, purchased From the sidebar section, you can access your iTunes purchases in your Apple ID account.

    iTunes purchased section

    to access family purchaseselect account in the menu bar family purchase.

    Account > Family Purchases” class=”wp-image-13347″  /></figure>
<h2><span class=iTunes won’t recover your library? Try

    Several factors can interrupt the iTunes library restoration process on your PC. Here are some errors you may encounter while trying to restore your iTunes library and their solutions.

    1. Check cable connections

    Unplugging your iPhone during the syncing process will interrupt the restoration of your iTunes library. The same goes for using a frayed, defective, or damaged USB cable. Close iTunes, connect your iPhone to your PC using a legitimate cable, and attempt the recovery process from the beginning.

    Connect iPhone to PC

    USB hubs can cause interference and other connectivity issues. So I recommend plugging the iPhone directly into his PC’s port, not through a USB hub or adapter.

    Still getting the error message? Try removing other USB devices from your PC, connecting your iPhone to a different USB port, and restoring your iTunes library from scratch.

    2. Restart iTunes

    Also, if you have trouble restoring your iTunes library from your iPhone, we recommend closing and reopening iTunes.

    Launch Task Manager (Control + shift + Esc), select iTunesClick end task button in the lower left corner.

    task manager[タスクの終了]button

    Restart iTunes, but this time run it as administrator and repeat the steps above.

    3. Reauthorize your computer

    If iTunes isn’t transferring library items or purchased items, it’s because you skipped step 4 in the section above because it’s “not authorized” to do so on your computer.

    you are not approved

    Before transferring your iTunes library, you need to allow your computer to access purchases from the iTunes Store. This means connecting your Apple ID account to the iTunes app.

    select account in the menu bar, approvalselect approve this computerClick and enter your Apple ID account information.

    4. Retry the recovery operation

    Is your recovery operation stuck or is it taking longer than usual?click Activity icon 🛈 Check the status of library synchronization.

    in the activity menu[再試行]button

    [アクティビティ]If you see an error message in the menu, retry Click the button to resume the process.

    5. Update your computer

    Installing Windows Updates can help fix driver-related issues that are preventing your iPhone from connecting or transferring your iTunes library to your computer.

    go to setting > Updates and security > Windows Update Click Check for updates button. If you have Windows Update available for your PC, download Click the button and restart your computer when the installation is complete.

    Windows Update download button

    Let us know if you can restore your iTunes library from your iPhone using the steps in this tutorial. If you’re still having technical issues, check out this guide on fixing iTunes connection issues for other troubleshooting fixes.

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