How to restore contacts on iPhone

Backing up your contacts on your iPhone gives you the option to restore your contacts if you accidentally delete them. Backing up your contact data can also help if you lose your iPhone or have to reinstall iOS.

There are three ways to backup and restore iPhone contacts. The first and second methods focus on native methods, including iCloud and iTunes, while the third method relies on third-party contact backup tools.

Sync and restore iPhone contacts via iCloud

The most convenient way to back up your contacts on your iPhone is to upload your data to iCloud. Not only does this sync contact data between Apple devices, it also allows you to retrieve missing contacts by restoring contacts from a previous archive.

Sync iPhone contacts to iCloud

To sync your iPhone contact data with your Apple server, you need to activate iCloud contacts.

1. Open setting The app on your iPhone.

2. Tap your Apple ID..

3. Tap iCloud..

4. Turn on the switch next to it contact address.. If the option is already active, you do not need to do anything.

5. Tap merge Merge iPhone contacts with iCloud contact data.

Restore deleted contacts via

If you want to reinstall macOS or set up a new iPhone from scratch, repeat the above steps to re-download the synced contacts to your iOS device. However, if you want to delete and restore your contacts, you can restore a recent archive of your contact data by initiating a restore request from

1. Open Safari, Chrome, or another desktop-class web browser on your iPad, Mac, or PC.

2. Go to and sign in with your Apple ID credentials.

3. Select a name from the upper right corner of the screen and account settings Drop-down menu options.

4. Scroll down the screen and Restore contacts..

Note: If you’re using a mobile browser on your iOS or Android device, you won’t be able to access the data recovery options on

5. Under Restore contacts On the tab, select Archive Contact (use time tag for reference) and select return..

6. Select return To confirm.

iCloud will start restoring your data to your iPhone. It also archives snapshots of current contacts. If you change your mind later, you can restore the snapshot.

Synchronize and restore contacts from your Mac or PC

If you don’t use your Apple ID or iCloud account, you can sync your contact list with the Contacts app on your Mac or PC. If you lose your contacts, you can restore them to your iPhone. catch? Remember to sync your contacts regularly to make sure your computer has an up-to-date copy of your contact data.

Note: If you are using a PC, please install iTunes before you start.

Sync iPhone contacts to Mac or PC

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC via a USB cable.

2. Unlock your iPhone and tap trust..

3. Open finder (Mac) or iTunes (PC).

4. Select iPhone in the upper left corner of the Finder sidebar or iTunes window

Switch to 5. information tab.

6. Select the check box next to it Sync contacts to [Your Name] iPhone..Then check the radio button next to it All groups Also Select a group (If you select the latter option, select the group you want to sync).

7. Select Sync..

8. Wait for Finder / iTunes to complete syncing your contacts.

Replace lost contact data on iPhone

If you want to restore lost iPhone contacts, repeat the above steps, but scroll down Details: Replace the information on this device Step section 6..

Then select the check box next to it Replace contacts Choose Sync.. This will replace the contact data on your iOS device with your computer’s contacts.

Back up and restore contacts using a third party app

Apart from the two methods, you can also use a third party backup tool to archive and restore contacts on your iPhone. A quick search on the App Store will find multiple apps that offer such functionality, but here are some suggestions you can try.

Easy backup

Easy Backup is a completely free download and you can make a complete copy of your contacts. Open Easy Backup and Tap to back up Start the backup. next, end Or tap Send to email Also Backup export If you want to share a copy of your contacts as a VCF (vCard) backup file. This way you can make multiple backups of your contact data.

Tap to restore contacts My backup history.. Then select the previous backup, Restore contacts Restore individual contacts or all contacts.

Backup of contacts

Contact Backup is a handy app that allows you to backup all or selected contacts on your iPhone.Open contacts backup and tap Make a backup.. next, All contacts When Select a contact Options for making backups.

To restore contacts record Click the tab and select the previous backup. next, Open backup Tap contact address Import your contacts into the Contacts app on your iPhone.

Contacts Backup can also automatically back up your iPhone contacts, but it requires a subscription to the PRO version of the app ($ 2.99 / month).

Return to contacts

Activating iCloud contacts is the most convenient way to protect your contacts. However, syncing your contacts to your Mac or PC and using a third-party app to create a manual backup is a viable alternative. Choose the method that works best for you in this tutorial.

You can also consider making a full iCloud backup or iTunes backup for your iPhone. That way, you can restore everything (call history, SMS text messages, etc.) if needed.

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