How to locate someone on your iPhone

Live location confirmation on your iPhone makes it easy to meet people in new locations, monitor your loved ones during a night walk or hike, or guide you to strangers.

If others are also using iPhones, you can use Find My, Messages, and Apple Maps to track them. If you’re using an Android device, you can use cross-platform apps such as Google Maps and WhatsApp to find your location.

Use “Find” to find someone’s location

The Find My app on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is the most convenient way to track friends, colleagues, and family using your Apple device. It works by synchronizing location data through your iCloud account.

Note: Starting with iOS 13, Find My consists of both the old Find My iPhone app and the Find My Friends app.

Just ask someone else to do the following:

1. Open Find me Apps on iOS or iPad OS devices. If location services are disabled, setting Go to the app, privacy >> >> Location serviceActivate the switch next to Location-based services Before moving on.

Switch to 2. people Tabs and taps Start sharing a place Also plus >> >> Share my location..

3. Select a name and tap send..

4. Select a period —1 hour sharing, Share until the end of the dayAlso Share indefinitely..

5. Tap send >> >> all right..

Steps 1-4

With iPhone, you can:

1. Tap the time-sensitive one Find me notification.

2. Select whether to share your current location as well —1 hour sharing, Share until the end of the day, Share indefinitelyAlso Don’t share..

3. Check the person’s real-time location in people “Search” tab.

Steps 1-3

[人]You can also tap a person’s name on the tab to do the following:

  • contact: Display the contact card of the person.
  • direction: Get directions to that person via Apple Maps.
  • notification: Set the geofence. For example, you or others can choose to receive alerts when they arrive at or leave a particular location.
  • addition [Person Name] To favorites: Mark that person as a favorite and always[人]Make it visible at the top of the tab.
  • Edit place name: Add a label to that person’s location —House, work, school,Such.
  • Share my location/Stop sharing your current location: Share your current location or stop sharing.
  • delete [Person Name]:[人]Remove that person from the tab.

Tips: If you or someone else is using your Apple Watch, use the FindMyPeople app to manage your location sharing.

Check someone’s location using the messaging app

Another convenient way to find the location of another iPhone user’s live phone is to use the Messages app.

Again, ask someone else to do the following:

1. Open message App.

2. Open or create an iMessage conversation.

3. Tap the portrait icon or name at the top of the screen.

4. Tap Start sharing a place..

5. Select a period —1 hour sharing, Share until the end of the dayAlso Share indefinitely..

Steps 1-4

Note: Users can also share their location with the tap of. Send my current location Step options Four..

On iPhone, you can tap time-sensitive ones Find me Notify and follow the instructions in the section above to view your personal location. or:

1. Open message Tap an iMessage conversation between the app and someone else.

2. Tap the person’s name at the top of the screen.

3. Show the location of that person’s iPhone in a minimap.

Steps 1-3

You can also:

  • Tap Share my location To share your location with others.
  • Tap the minimap to enlarge.
  • Tap direction To receive directions to the person’s location via Apple Maps.

Find someone’s location using Apple Maps

You can also see where your family and friends are by asking them to share their location as a link in Apple Maps.

One has to:

1. Open the Apple Maps app.

2. Drag the handle up from the bottom of the screen and tap Share my location..

3. Share the location in a linked format via text message or email using an app like the one below message, PostAlso WhatsApp..

Steps 1-3

With iPhone, you can:

Tap the link to see someone else’s location in Apple Maps.

Tap to show location

You can also:

  • Tap direction If you want to know the directions to that person’s location.
  • select Add to Favourites Add a location to your favorites list.

See the location of people in a family-sharing group

If your family uses an iPhone and you belong to a family group, ask:

1. Open setting App.

2. Tap Apple ID >> >> Find me..

3.[家族]Tap your name in the section.

4. Tap SRabbit my place..

Steps 1-4

With iPhone, you can:

Tap the time-sensitive FindMy notification and follow the instructions in the section above to view your family’s location in the FindMy and Messages apps.

Use Google Maps to find out where someone is.

If others are using Android devices, you can share your location with you using the Google Maps app in Stock. Be sure to install Google Maps from the iPhone App Store and sign in with your Google account. The following method works across Apple devices and is useful in areas where Apple Maps coverage is weak.

First, ask someone else to do the following:

1. Open Google map..

2. Tap Profile Portrait, Sharing your current location..

3. Tap Share location Also New share..

Steps 1-3

4. Specify the period for sharing your current location.

5. Select the media you want to share the location with (such as text message or email).

6. Tap send..

Step 4-6

Then on the iPhone:

Tap a text message or email link to see the person’s location on Google Maps.Or open Google map Tap a person’s name in the map.

View on Google Maps

Then you can:

Tap Share a place with [Person’s Name] To share your location with others.

Tap direction To receive instructions to others.

Find out someone’s location on your iPhone using WhatsApp

You can also use WhatsApp to view someone’s location (a popular third-party messaging app among Android users). Before you start, install WhatsApp on your iPhone and enter your phone number to set it up.

Then ask someone else to do the following:

1. Open WhatsApp Select or create a conversation thread.

2. Tap attachment Select the icon to select position..

3. Tap Share live location..You can also send your current location with just a tap Send your current location..

4. Select a period —15 minutes, 1 hourAlso 8 hours..

5. Tap send icon.

Steps 1-5

With iPhone, you can:

1. Open WhatsApp..

2. Open a conversation thread with that person.

3. Tap Show live location Start location tracking.

Steps 1-3


Using the Find My app on your iPhone is the best way to monitor the location of others. But as you can see, there are many other ways to track friends and family even if you’re not using an Apple device.

Before summarizing, it’s worth mentioning that you should refrain from using methods that track people without your knowledge, such as Bluetooth / GPS tracking devices (such as AirTag) and third-party surveillance apps that invade your privacy. Not only is it wrong, it is illegal in most countries and can be involved in many problems.

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