How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Apple TV

As one of the most popular streaming services out there, you can (rightly) expect the Netflix browsing experience to be flawless on Apple TV. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, with a number of common issues popping up preventing Apple users from streaming their favorite TV shows and movies using the Netflix app.

If Netflix hangs on your Apple TV, or if you’re having issues on your Apple TV with Netflix not working, you’ll need to begin the troubleshooting process. Here are some steps you can follow to fix some of the most common problems with the Netflix app on Apple TV.

Force Netflix to close and restart

If your Netflix app isn’t connecting, loading, or isn’t streaming in some way, try the most obvious step first — force close the app. Just press Menu The button on the Apple TV remote isn’t enough here, as you’ll need to force the Netflix app to close completely before attempting to open it again.

This can help refresh apps, clear cache, and for minor issues, can be an easy fix. You don’t have to worry about accessing any settings to force an app to restart on your Apple TV — just double-tap Home button (next to Menu ) to bring up the Apple TV app switcher.

Netflix in the app switcher menu

From here, select Netflix in the app switcher menu, then swipe upwards with the trackpad at the top of your Apple TV remote to force close the app. Press Menu to go back to your main Apple TV dashboard, then try opening the Netflix app again.

If this still hasn’t resolved your issue with your Apple TV Netflix app not working, try one of the next steps below.

Check your network connection

If you’re having issues with your Apple TV’s Netflix streaming feature not working, you may need to check your Apple TV’s network connection. This can identify a problem with your local network connection (from your Apple TV to your router) or with your wider internet connection.

  • You can check the current status of your Apple TV network connection quickly from Setting menu. Click Settings icon on the Apple TV control panel to access this menu.
Settings icon
  • From here, enter Network to view your current network connection settings.
Network in the Settings tab
  • The current status of your network connection will be listed here. If your Apple TV has been disconnected, you should be able to reconnect it by tapping WIFI options menu.
In-network Wi-Fi

If your connection seems stable but you still can’t stream using the Netflix app, you need to check your internet connection. You can do this online using services like Speedtest, which also provide a test app for Apple TV, which you can install from App Store.

Check if your Apple TV time zone is correct

While it may seem strange, settings like your time zone can affect apps like Netflix. Your time zone is part of a puzzle Netflix can use to confirm that you are indeed in the right region and have access to the right content.

  • To be sure, you can double-check your current time zone in the Apple TV settings. Click Setting on your Apple TV control panel, then press Shared right to buy.
General in the Settings tab
  • Scroll to the bottom Shared menu to find time zone set below Date and time section. It will be set automatically, but you’ll be able to see your current time zone — if it’s incorrect, turn off Set automatically then set your timezone manually.
Set date and time automatically

Use Google DNS Servers

Your ISP’s DNS servers (used to turn addresses like into server IP addresses) can prevent the Netflix app from transmitting content to your Apple TV. If the DNS error is down, you may find that switching the DNS server to a publicly available alternative solves the problem.

This is a good practice to try if your internet connection seems to be working but you are getting the common “Netflix is ​​currently unavailable” error.

  • Google offers one of the best free public DNS servers available to its users. It’s easy to switch to these servers on Apple TV, and you can start by pressing Settings > Network > WiFi > Your network name. In the configuration menu for your network, press Configure DNS right to buy.
DNS menu configuration
  • Option Handmade are from Configure DNS options menu.
Manual button in the Configure DNS . window
  • Using your Apple TV remote, change the DNS server address to press Accomplished button.
DNS address bar

Your Apple TV should now be set to Google’s DNS server. If your ISP’s DNS servers are down, switching to Google DNS should fix the problem. Alternatively, you can use another service like OpenDNS instead.

Reinstall Netflix on Apple TV

Sometimes, only a clean and fresh install can solve problems on your Apple TV when Netflix stops working. Deleting the Netflix app and reinstalling it isn’t a magic fix, but if Netflix hangs on your Apple TV, it can fix the problem.

  • To remove Netflix from your Apple TV, scroll to the app on your Apple TV dashboard. Press and hold the trackpad on your remote until the Netflix app icon begins to wobble, then tap Play and pause to display your application preferences.
Netflix app icon
  • Scroll down and tap Delete to remove the app from your Apple TV.
Delete button
  • With Netflix removed, go to App Store on your Apple TV control panel to locate and reinstall the Netflix app.
App Store icon

You will need to sign in to the Netflix app again after a successful reinstall on your Apple TV.

Check for updates and restart your Apple TV

Apple releases regular updates for its devices, including the Apple TV, while developers regularly provide similar updates for apps like Netflix. Outdated apps or devices could be causing the problem — updating your device and restarting your Apple TV can fix them.

  • To check for system updates on your Apple TV, tap Setting icon on the Apple TV control panel. From here, press System> Software Update.
Software update in the System menu
  • Click Software updates option to start looking for updates. If any updates are detected, follow the onscreen instructions to update your Apple TV.
Update software icon
  • To make sure the Netflix app is up to date, check the Netflix entry in App Store. You can ensure that Netflix is ​​always up to date by pressing Settings > Apps and allow Automatic app updates right to buy.
Auto-update apps On the menu
  • Once done, restart your Apple TV by pressing Settings > System > Restart.
Restart button

Get the most out of your Apple TV

Once you’ve fixed the issue on your Apple TV with Netflix not working, you’ll be able to get the most out of your streaming device. If you’re still having trouble with Netflix, you can start with Apple TV+, Apple’s new streaming service, instead.

You can also think of other streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime for fixing the latest movies and TV series. What is your favorite streaming platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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