How to fix iPhone stuck in boot loop continuously

After installing the latest iOS updates, restoring your iPhone, or even trying to make a call, your iPhone could be at risk of being locked in a constant boot sequence. iPhone boot loop. This means that every time you try to open your device, it may go to the home screen but then immediately restart itself on a continuous loop.

This can happen during an update with an unstable connection, especially through iTunes, where the update gets stuck midway and can’t continue from where it left off. Jailbreaking your iPhone can also cause unforeseen complications, including a constant iPhone boot loop if not done perfectly.

Even if you haven’t faced this problem yet, it is one of the more common problems that iOS users face. It can happen at any time and is so frustrating that you may want to repeatedly bang your phone against a hard surface in hopes of knocking it down.

Thankfully, the problem is solvable and each of the methods mentioned in this article should work on most iOS devices.

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How to fix iPhone boot loop error

If you are currently facing this problem, do not be discouraged. We took the opportunity to provide you with a variety of error correction options that will get your iPhone working properly again.

Image of someone holding an iPhone with the words Force restarting your iPhone stacked

Force restart iPhone

  • Hold Power and Home at the same time until you can clearly see the Apple logo appear on the screen.
Image showing Power and Home buttons on different iPhones
  • For some versions of iPhone, you may need to keep Volume button instead of Home button.
  • When the logo is displayed, release the buttons.

This is the standard first step in most iPhone restore cases and may not always fix the problem.

Image says Update iTunes

Update your iTunes

Getting a boot loop while trying to update iOS via iTunes could be the result of performing the action on an older version of iTunes. If this is the primary method to update your iPhone, you may need to check iTunes and see if an update is available.

For iTunes on Windows operating system:

  • Launch iTunes and open the menu.
  • Option Help, next is Check for updates right to buy.
Help menu in iTunes with Check for Updates selected
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version.

For iTunes on Mac OS –

  • Go into the App Store.
  • Click Update to start installing the latest version.
Updates tab in iTunes

Third-party repair tools

Seeing as the constant iPhone boot loop is usually caused by a software error, you can use a professional iOS repair tool to find a way to fix it. These specific repair tools will not only help fix boot loops but can also help with intermittent freezing issues, specific errors, and other iOS complications.

Image of tools and iPhone with Repair Options stacked

We recommend using iMyFone Fixppo to solve your boot loop problem. It supports all iOS devices including XS and XR versions and has been recognized by Cnet, Cult of Mac and Makeuseof for positive results. Best of all, the program will fix your problem without any data being lost.

  • Download and install iMyFone Fixppo on your computer and run the program.
  • From the given options, select Basic mode.
Standard mode selected in iMyFone Fixppo
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer and click Next. Wait for your iPhone to be recognized by the program.
Please connect your device to the computer prompt
  • If your iPhone is not recognized, follow the onscreen instructions on how to enter recovery mode. This will allow iMyFone Fixppo to recognize it.
  • Select the firmware you like best and click Download. This part of the process will take a few minutes to complete.
Firmware Download Window
  • Once the download is complete and the firmware has been verified, click Begin to start the repair process.
    • After a few minutes, your iPhone should be back to normal and no boot loop.
Successful task screen

Restore via backup

This fix only works if you created a backup before to restore your iPhone to its previous state. Of course, this also means that any data between now and then will be lost once the recovery takes place.

Image says Restore Backup

This procedure is a great way to fix iPhone boot loop problems but has a cost that you may not want to pay. Think carefully before making your decision. If you have decided, here are the steps to perform an iPhone restore using a backup.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Click on your device’s icon when it is recognized.
  3. Click Restore backups button located on the main screen.
  4. Choose your preferred backup from the pop-up and click Restore proceed with.

Recovery mode

Pictures tell "Recovery mode"

By putting your iPhone into Recovery Mode, you can easily restore it to its former glory through iTunes. This is very similar to the previous fix with a few additions. Understand that this method will also erase all data from your iPhone so make sure you are ok with it before proceeding.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Keep both Power and Home buttons simultaneously on your iPhone just like you would in a power cycle. DO NOT released when you see the Apple logo. Instead, wait until you see the iTunes logo.
    • When you see the iTunes logo pop up on the screen, this indicates that the iPhone is in Recovery mode.
  3. Click Restore iphone. This will cause iTunes to try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data, but more often than not, the data will be overwritten.
    • The process should take no more than 10 minutes and your iPhone will not have a boot loop once it’s done.
iTunes has detected an iPhone in the recovery mode warning window

Hardware problem

This could indicate a problem with the battery connector. A malfunctioning battery connector can cause the same nagging boot loop problem you’re experiencing today. The only solution is to fix the battery connector. If you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to do it yourself, we recommend that you seek help from the Apple Support Center.

Pictures tell "hardware problem"

With all the methods mentioned above, your iPhone will not be irritated by the constant boot loop. If for some reason none of the fixes work, your iPhone may be experiencing a serious hardware problem rather than a simple software problem.

Improper hardware changes are a known cause of device problems, and an Apple dealer should be able to help fix the problem. The same is true if the complications stem from something deeper, such as a motherboard failure. In either case, your local Apple Store will have the answer you’re looking for.

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