How to fix apps that can’t be downloaded on iPhone

Apple’s App Store makes it easy to download new apps and games on your iPhone. However, sometimes you may experience problems with iPhone apps. These problems occur due to many reasons.

Some of the reasons why your iPhone apps won’t download are because your phone doesn’t have an active internet connection, you’re running low on storage space, or you don’t have a payment method on file.

We will see how to fix those problems in this guide so you can download your favorite apps on your iPhone without problems.

Check your Internet connection

When you have problems downloading apps on your iPhone, the first thing to check is your phone’s internet connection. A faulty connection will not allow your phone to connect to the Internet, resulting in no new content from the web.

One way to check if your iPhone’s Internet is working is to open a web browser on your phone and check if a website like Google is open. If your phone can load web pages, your internet is working fine. In this case, read on to discover more fixes.

You may have connection problems if your phone fails to load web pages. In this case, try to solve the problem yourself or seek the help of your internet service provider.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off

It’s a good idea to turn on and off your iPhone’s Airplane Mode when you’re having trouble downloading new apps. This is because airplane mode disconnects your phone from all network connections and then reconnects it to all of them.

That helps fix minor glitches with your network that can cause app download issues.

  1. Open Setting on your iPhone.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode right to buy.

  3. Wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Turn off Airplane mode right to buy.
  5. Start downloading your app.

Turn off mobile data and use Wi-Fi to download apps

Your iPhone limits the amount of data you can use to download apps while on mobile data. This may cause your download to fail if you are downloading apps that exceed this limit.

Connecting your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network is one way to solve that problem. Once you’ve done that, you can download as many large apps as you want on your phone.

Make sure that you are within the coverage of a Wi-Fi network, then connect your phone to your network as follows:

  1. Launch Setting on your iPhone.
  2. Clap Mobile data And off Mobile data right to buy.

  3. Go back to Settings and select WIFI.
  4. Connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network.

  5. Open App Store and try to download your app or game.

Add a payment method for App Store purchases

Apple requires that you have a payment method on file to download certain apps, even if those apps are free to download. You can add a payment method to your iPhone quite easily and fix download problems.

  1. Open Setting and tap your iCloud name at the top.
  2. Choose payment and shipping on the Apple ID screen.
  3. Verify your identity using your preferred method.
  4. Choose Add a payment method.

  5. Enter your payment method details and select Accomplished.

  6. Launch App Store and start downloading your app or game.

Make room for your new iPhone apps

Your iPhone needs to have enough storage space to hold new apps or games that you download from the App Store. If your phone is running low on memory, you’ll have to free up space before you can download new content.

Luckily, iPhone includes a storage analyzer that you can use to find out what items are taking up space. This makes it easier to decide which items to delete.

  1. Go Setting and press Shared > iPhone Memory.
  2. You will see the free and occupied storage space of your iPhone.
  3. Scroll down the page to see which apps are using your storage space.

  4. Tap an app and you’ll see an option to delete content to free up space.
  5. Start downloading your apps or games once you’ve freed up some space on your iPhone.

Prioritized Download your app

Your iPhone offers an option that allows you to prioritize specific app downloads. We recommend using this option when having trouble downloading new content from the App Store.

This option tells your iPhone to focus on your selected download, less important on other files you may be downloading. This increases your chances of successfully downloading your app.

  1. Long press on the app you’re downloading on your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Option Priority Download from the menu.

Cancel and restart Download your app

If your app download starts but gets stuck at a certain point, try canceling and re-starting the download. This gives the App Store a new opportunity to push selected content to your iPhone.

  1. Select the stop icon in apple store to stop your current download.

  2. Tap the download icon to restart the download.

Set the correct date and time on your iPhone

Incorrect date and time settings can also cause your iPhone app download to fail. If you or someone else has set the wrong date and time on your iPhone, fix that and your download problems should be gone.

Your phone provides automatic date and time, so you don’t have to specify these items manually.

  1. Open Setting and press Shared > Date and time on your iPhone.
  2. Activated Set automatically right to buy.

  3. Start your app download in App Store.

Update iOS to the latest version on your iPhone

Most iPhone problems can be fixed by updating your phone to the latest iOS version. This is because newer versions bring patches for existing bugs on your phone.

Updating an iOS device, such as an iPhone, is quick, easy, and free.

  1. Launch Setting and press Shared on your iPhone.
  2. Choose Software updates.

  3. Wait for your iPhone to check for the latest software version.
  4. Option Download and install to start updating your iPhone.

Reset all settings on your iPhone

If your iPhone still refuses to download new apps, your phone settings could be the culprit. In this case, resetting your settings to factory defaults should fix any configuration related issues.

You can customize your settings after the reset.

  1. Open Setting and press Shared.
  2. Scroll down and select Reset.

  3. Choose Reset all settings to reset iPhone settings.

  4. Authenticate yourself using your preferred method.

Make Your iPhone Successfully Download Apps From the App Store

Thanks to Apple’s platform stability, your iPhone almost always downloads apps without any problems. However, in the rare cases where your download fails, the methods described above should help you fix the problem.

Once you have applied one or more of the above methods, your iPhone will download your favorite apps and games without errors.

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