How to create shortcuts on iOS devices

We are all looking for ways to cut down on time in the day. This is why you really need to embrace the concept of automation in your daily life.

Automation is one of the best things about technology. It allows you to take something that would normally take three clicks and shorten it to one. Who would argue with that?

On iOS devices, that automation is called “Shortcuts,” and developers have found great ways to streamline common tasks. What’s also great is that these shortcuts can be synced via iCloud with your other iOS devices.

Where is the shortcut?

The shortcut app must be installed on your device if you are running the latest iOS version. But if for some reason it’s not installed – maybe you just need to uninstall it – you can find it by going to the App Store and searching in “Shortcuts. “It is completely free to use.

Shortcuts in the App Store

When you open it, it will most likely be empty, but here I have three that I use.

Gallery with 3 shortcuts

To get started, tap the “Create Shortcut” button.

Create a shortcut

There are two ways to create iOS shortcuts. Make one yourself or install one made by a third-party developer. We will look at both methods.

Do it for yourself

Let’s do a basic shortcut. When you tap the “Create Shortcut” button, this is what you see.

Shortcut window has no title

If you pull up the bottom menu, you’ll see that to create a shortcut you need to specify an action, which then results in an action being performed.

So let’s say you tap on “Contacts”. It was added as a quest.

Contacts added as tasks in Shortcuts have no title

Now specify your contacts to which this shortcut will apply.

Ryan Dube designated as contact in Untitled Shortcuts

Now you need to decide what happens when you select this shortcut. What happens to this contact? So a new menu will appear and you need to decide what happens next.

Menu to choose what happens when the shortcut is activated

Would you call that person? Facetime them? Send them an SMS? Share contact details with OTHER contact? It is true that there are dozens and dozens of possibilities.

Once you’ve selected an action, you can tap the blue arrow at the top to check out the workflow, although that’s not necessary.

Call selected as action in Untitled Shortcut

Now tap this little icon on the far right and some more options will appear.

The far right button is indicated

This includes naming the shortcut (obviously necessary), setting an icon (not as important), adding the shortcut to Siri, adding the shortcut to the phone’s home screen, and also displaying it in the widget. screen utility.

Shortcut's settings window has no title

Once you are satisfied with the shortcut, you can click “Done” and the shortcut will now appear on your shortcut (and widget) screen.

Call Doob

It should be pointed out that this is a very basic shortcut. You can add as many actions to the shortcut as you like. For example, just as when I call Ryan, I can also send him a prewritten SMS.

Install one from a developer

As I said, the introduction of Shortcuts has allowed the creativity of developers to flow. If you use keyboard shortcuts on Google for iOS, you will find many shortcuts that the developers have made available for free to everyone.

Here are five of my favorites. These links are only opened on iOS devices. Opening them on any other device or computer won’t work.

  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi at the same time
  • Create a “Song Link” to send someone to a specific song on Apple Music or Spotify.
  • Flight Time helps you get ready for flight by putting your phone in Airplane Mode, Low Power Mode, and DND.
  • Show only certain photos to everyone – this allows you to select a series of photos from the Gallery to show everyone and prevent them from seeing others.
  • Share your Wifi password : this generates a QR code that people can scan to log into your wifi.

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

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