How to capture scroll screenshots on Mac, iOS and iPad OS

Regular screenshots capture only what is displayed on the screen, excluding content outside the display area. On the other hand, “scroll capture” (or scroll screenshot or full page screenshot) captures everything off the screen of the device in one take.

Instead of taking multiple screenshots of long conversations or different sections of a document, scrolling screenshots can save you time and storage space. This guide will show you various ways to take scroll screenshots on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Capture full page screenshots on iOS and iPad OS

The iPhone or iPad native screenshot tool can capture the entire content of a web page, document, or email as a single screenshot. Before trying the screenshot scrolling feature, keep the following in mind:

  • Full-page screenshots can only be taken with native Apple apps such as Safari, Files, and iBooks.
  • Capturing scroll screenshots of web pages only works in Safari. Third-party browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are currently not supported.
  • Full page or scroll screenshots are not saved as images. iOS saves them as PDF files.

With this in mind, follow these steps to capture a full page screenshot on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Press volume up When Side button At the same time, take a screenshot of a web page, email, or document. For iPhones with a home button Side button When Home button Capture screenshots at the same time.

2. Click the screenshot thumbnail in the lower left corner of the screen to open the screenshot editing tool.

3. Tap All pages Option to generate a screenshot of a full page of a web page or document.

Full page option

4. Click end I will continue.

Done button

5. Select Save PDF to file..

Save PDF to file

6. Select the folder where you want to save the file and tap keep.. You can also rename the screenshot by tapping the auto-generated file name.

Save button

To view the PDF, open the File app on your device and browse to the location where you saved the file.

Capture scrolling screenshots on Mac

macOS has a built-in screenshot tool, but scrolling screenshots are not captured. Interestingly, some apps (mainly web browsers) have this feature. The next section shows how to perform a full page screen capture on your Mac using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Screenshot of the entire Safar web pageMe

Safari has a built-in screenshot tool that captures and saves the entire web page as an image. This tool is hidden in Safari’s developer menu, so it’s not clearly visible. Follow the steps below to capture a scrolling screenshot of the entire page in Safari.

1. Open the web page you want to capture and click Safari In the menu bar, select Environmental setting..

Safari> Settings ” class =”wp-image-11994″ srcset =” 466w, -safari-preferences-300×146.png 300w,×39.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 466px) 100vw, 466px”/></figure>
<p>2. Go to <strong>Altitude</strong> Select the check box next to the tab <strong>In the menu bar[開発]Show menu</strong>And return to the web page.</p>
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Details> In the menu bar[開発]Show menu” class =”wp-image-11995″ srcset =” 680w, / 07-safari-advanced-options-300×207.jpg 300w,×421.jpg 610w, https: / /×50.jpg 72w” sizes =”(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px”/></figure>
<p>3. Select <strong>Develop</strong> In the menu bar, <strong>Show the web inspector</strong>..</p>
<div class=
Develop> Show Web Inspector ” class =”wp-image-11996″ srcset =” 680w, / 08-safari-web-inspector-300×174.jpg 300w,×353.jpg 610w, https: / /×46.jpg 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px”/></figure>
<p>4. Right-click on the first line starting with <strong>html</strong> Select (that is, the HTML element of the page) <strong>Capture screenshot</strong>..</p>
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Capture screenshot and right click on menu

5. Name the screenshot, select the desired storage folder / location, keep I will continue.

Screenshot name and save button

6. Navigate to the file location and double-click the screenshot to open it in preview.

Screenshot opened in preview

Take a screenshot of the entire web page in Firefox

Firefox has arguably the best scrolling screenshot tool you can find in your web browser. It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to tweak advanced settings. With just two mouse clicks, you can take a screenshot of the entire web page in Firefox.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the web page you want to take a screenshot of Take a screenshot..
[スクリーンショットを撮る]Right-click on the menu with
  1. Or click Three dot icons Next to the address bar, Take a screenshot..
Take a screenshot with the 3-dot icon menu
  1. click Save all pages Icon in the upper right corner.
All page save option
  1. next, download Save the screenshot to your Mac.
Download button

Take a screenshot of the entire web page in Chrome

Chrome also has a built-in screenshot tool, but like Safari, it doesn’t show up in the Developer section. Here’s how to access and use the screenshot tool to capture an entire web page in Chrome:

1. Click the menu icon Other tools >> >> Developer tools..

Developer Tools> Other Tools ” class =”wp-image-12004″ srcset =” 672w, / 16-chrome-developer-tools-300×107.png 300w,×218.png 610w, https: / /×29.png 80w” sizes =”(max-width: 672px) 100vw, 672px”/></figure>
<p>You can also press to launch Chrome’s Developer Tools menu <strong>F12</strong> On or using the keyboard <strong>Command + shift + I</strong> Shortcut.</p>
<p>2. Then click <strong>Switch device toolbar</strong> Icon or press <strong>Command + shift + M</strong>..</p>
<div class=
Switch device toolbar

3. Click 3 dot menu icon In the left sidebar, Capture full size screenshot.. This will prompt Chrome to generate an image file for the entire web page.

Capture full size screenshots with 3 dot icon menus

4. Select the folder where you want to save the screenshot and click keep..

Use third-party websites, apps and extensions

It seems that the browser is best equipped to capture scrolling screenshots on Mac. If you need to take a full-length screenshot of the content in another app, you’ll need to use a third-party Snipping App such as Snagit. Please note that some of these apps are not free. Developers often offer new users a free trial period, but they have to pay some money to continue using it.

I mentioned earlier that iOS and iPad OS only capture scrolling screenshots in Safari and some other iOS apps. Platforms like provide an alternative to non-Safari users. Web-Capture is an online screenshot service that allows you to download full screen images of any website to your device in several formats.

Enter the URL of the web page, select the desired format (JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, BMP, SVG) and click. Capture a web page.. screen

On the next page, you can choose to view the screenshot or download it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

View / download options

Finally, in the rare case where your browser’s built-in screenshot tools don’t work, you can also use third-party Chrome and Firefox extensions to get things done.

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