Bluetooth not working on iPad? Try these 13 fixes

Is your iPad having trouble pairing or reconnecting with a specific Bluetooth device? Or do you continue to experience erratic behavior despite establishing a connection? The problem could be with your iPad, the Bluetooth device in question, or both.

Minor software-related bugs are the most likely reason why Bluetooth isn’t working on iPad. But rarely outdated firmware, corrupted network settings, wireless interference etc can also contribute. So, work your way through the list of fixes below to get Bluetooth working properly again on your iPad.

Turn off and on the iPad Bluetooth module

It’s best to start with the simplest fix: turn Bluetooth off and on on your iPad. That helps restart the internal Bluetooth module and that usually resolves most random errors, glitches and other anomalies.

To do that, open Setting app and press Bluetooth on the sidebar. Then turn off the side switch Bluetooth. Wait up to 10 seconds before turning it back on.

Switch to the side of Bluetooth

Keep iPad and Bluetooth devices within range

Bluetooth may have a range of 10 meters, but the closer your iPad and Bluetooth device are to each other, the easier it is to connect or stay connected. Bluetooth doesn’t work well between walls, so don’t expect your iPad to connect to the device in the next room. For best results, keep them right next to each other.

Restart iPad and Bluetooth device

Next, try restarting your iPad. To do that, keep Top and pull Power icon to turn off your iPad. If your iPad uses Face ID, quickly tap and release Volume up and Turn down the volume buttons one by one and hold the Top button to access Slide to power off screen.

After turning off iPad, wait up to 20 seconds before pressing and holding Top to turn it back on.

Slide to power off

You should also restart the Bluetooth device that is causing the problem. If you can find one Power , use it to turn the device off and then back on. You may want to check its manual or online documentation for specific instructions. However, some devices — such as the Apple Pencil — cannot be turned off.

Recharge the Bluetooth device

A Bluetooth device with little or no charge left can cause all kinds of connection problems. Try upgrading it before your next attempt to reconnect it to your iPad.

Check compatibility with your iPad

If you’re trying to connect a Bluetooth device to your iPad for the first time, it’s best to confirm that it’s compatible. Its user manual or online documentation can help you with that.

Compatibility issues affect both first- and third-party devices. For example, you can’t pair the 1st generation Apple Pencil with iPad Pro (2018) or later.

Update your iPad’s system software

Bluetooth-related issues are closely related to the iPad’s system software. Several iterations of iPadOS (usually major version upgrades) could create problems with Bluetooth connectivity, but Apple was quick to address them with subsequent point updates.

So, if Bluetooth started not working on your iPad after a recent update, try to check for and install newer updates. To do that, open Setting app and go to Shared > Software updates.

General > Software Update ” class=”wp-image-15094″  /></figure>
<h2><span class=Disconnect and reconnect the device to iPad

If you’re having trouble connecting to a device you’ve paired before, you’re probably dealing with a corrupted Bluetooth cache. Disconnecting and reconnecting the device may solve the problem.

1. Open Setting apps on your iPad.

2. Press Bluetooth on the sidebar.

3. Click Information next to the problematic Bluetooth device.

Information icon next to the device

4. Press Forget this device.

Forget this device

5. Press Forget device confirm.

Forgot to confirm the device

5. Long press the pairing button on the Bluetooth device. After it shows up again in your iPad’s Bluetooth settings, tap it to repeat the pairing process.

Bluetooth> Magic Keyboard ” class=”wp-image-15098″  /></figure>
<h2><span class=Unpair with other devices and try again

A Bluetooth device may have a connection limit that prevents it from connecting to your iPad. So disconnect it from any other devices you’ve paired it with before trying again.

Avoid sources of wireless interference

Wireless interference from mobile devices, network routers, kitchen appliances, etc. can also cause problems over Bluetooth. Move to another location and check if that makes a difference.

Enable Bluetooth permission for third-party apps

If you can connect a Bluetooth device to your iPad but are having trouble getting it to work with a particular app, you must check your privacy settings to determine if the app has permission to use it. Bluetooth or not.

1. Open Setting application and select Privacy on the sidebar.

2. Select Bluetooth.

Privacy > Bluetooth” class=”wp-image-15099″  /></figure>
<p>3. Turn on the switch next to any app that needs permission to work with the device over Bluetooth.</p>
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Switch next to the app that needs permission

Update Bluetooth device firmware

Outdated firmware can prevent a Bluetooth device from connecting to your iPad. Consult its user manual or its online documentation for any instructions to help you update it. For example, here’s how to update the AirPods’ firmware.

Reset Bluetooth devices to factory settings

Try resetting your Bluetooth device to factory settings. Again, your device’s manual or online documentation is the best place to start.

Reset network settings on iPad

Corrupt network settings on the iPad can also play a role, so your next course of action is to reset them. Unfortunately, this procedure will delete all saved Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth pairings, so you have to reconnect to everything after that.

1. Open Setting application and select Shared on the sidebar.

2. Select Transfer or Reset iPad.

General > Transfer or Reset iPad” class=”wp-image-15101″  /></figure>
<p>2. Select <strong>Reset</strong>.</p>
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Reset button

3. Select Reset Network Settings.

General > Reset network settings” class=”wp-image-15103″  /></figure>
<p>4. Enter your iPad device passcode.</p>
<p>5. Select <strong>Reset</strong> confirm.</p>
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Reset confirmation

Is there anything else you can do?

If none of the above fixes work and Bluetooth is still not working on iPad, try connecting the Bluetooth device to another iPad (if possible). If the same problem occurs, it may be faulty, so you may want to return it. However, if the problem extends to all Bluetooth devices and updating the system software or resetting the iPad’s network settings doesn’t help, factory reset your iPad or contact us. Apple for support.

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