Apple Music Family Sharing not working? How to fix

Joining a Family Sharing group can save you some dollars on Apple subscriptions like iCloud storage, Apple TV+, Apple Music, and more. In this article, we’ll highlight what to do. to do if you can’t use your Family Sharing’s Apple Music subscription in your corporation.

Before anything, confirm that your device has internet access. You cannot use Apple Music without an active internet connection. Second, make sure your Apple Music Family subscription hasn’t expired. Contact the Family Sharing organizer and ask them to check the status or expiration date of the group’s Apple Music subscription.

One more thing: Close and reopen the Music app on your device. If these preliminary troubleshooting steps don’t fix the problem with Apple Music family sharing not working, try the suggestions below.

Check Apple Music Mobile Data Access

If Apple Music only works on Wi-Fi, you may have accidentally turned off cellular data access for the service. Towards Setting > Mobile (or Mobile data) and make sure that mobile data access for Music is enabled.

Also, visit Setting > Music and guarantee Mobile data access is enabled.

Settings > Cellular > Music is on” class=”wp-image-13224″  /></figure>
<h2><span class=Enable mobile data access for settings app

You may have difficulty using certain system services such as Family Sharing if the Settings app does not have access to mobile data on your device. Go Setting > Mobile (or Mobile data) and make sure Setting is turned on.

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<h2><span class=Check the status of Apple’s music service

You may not be able to use Apple Music if there is a problem with the server that powers the Apple Music and Apple Music Subscription services. Go to Apple’s System Support page and check the indicator next to it Apple Music and Subscribe to Apple Music.

Apple system support page

A yellow indicator means a server-side problem with the service(s), while a green indicator tells you the services are running correctly. If the System Status page states an issue with Apple Music, you’ll need to wait until Apple fixes the server downtime. Better yet, contact Apple Support to report the problem.

Enable Share Purchases

Contact the organizer of the group or anyone who purchased an Apple Music subscription and confirm if they have enabled “Purchase Sharing” in the Family Sharing settings. They will find this option in Setting > [Apple ID name] > Share in the family > Buy Share.

Purchase Sharing Enabled

Make sure the organizer has Share purchases with family option is enabled.

Family purchase sharing is enabled

Otherwise, members will not have access to shareable content and subscriptions.

Restart your device

If the root cause of the problem is a temporary system glitch, then restarting your iPhone or iPad can help. Press and hold the side button and either volume button simultaneously until the Power menu appears on the screen. To turn off iPad, hold down the top/power button and one of the volume buttons. Then move the button “slide to power off” to the right.

Slide to power off the screen

If you have a faulty side or volume button, go to Setting > Shared > Turn off and move the power off slider to the right. Wait about a minute for your device to turn off completely before turning it back on. Then launch the Music app and check if you can now stream the content.

Change Apple ID country

Family sharing works best when all members’ Apple ID accounts are in the same country. If you can’t use Apple Music or other Apple services on your device, check if your Apple ID country or region is the same as the organizers. You’ll also want to confirm that Apple Music is available in your region.

How to check or change Apple ID country

Follow the steps below to change your Apple ID country or region on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Launch Settings and select Apple ID name.
Apple ID name selected
  1. Option Vehicles & Purchases.
Selected Vehicles & Purchases
  1. Option View account.
View selected accounts

To access this part of your Apple ID account, you’ll need to provide your device’s passcode or authenticate via Face ID.

  1. Option Country / Region.
Selected Country/Region
  1. Check your Apple ID country and confirm if it’s a supported country. Also, make sure the selected country is the same as the Family Sharing organizer’s account.

Note: To change your Apple ID country, you’ll need to cancel any active Apple Music subscriptions first. You will also have to wait for the canceled subscription to expire.

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription

Follow the steps below to check for and cancel your Apple Music subscription on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Setting app and choose yours Apple ID name.
Apple ID name selected
  1. Option Register.
Selected subscriptions
  1. Check the Activity section and select the subscription you want to cancel.
Apple Music selected
  1. Clap Cancel registration.
Unsubscribe button
  1. Option Confirm on the prompt to continue.
Cancel confirmation button

Update your device

Updating your device’s operating system is an effective troubleshooting technique to fix some Apple Music problems. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Wi-Fi network, go to Setting > Shared > Software updates, and install any iOS or iPadOS updates available on the site.

Join the family

There are two ways to solve this problem. You can leave the family account or ask the organizer to delete and re-invite. To leave the Family Sharing group, tap Apple ID name in the settings menu, select Share in the familyand press Leaving home.

Leave Family Button

If you’re the group organizer, open the Apple ID menu in the Settings app, select Share in the familyselect the member you want to delete and press Eliminate [member’s name] from Family.

Remove Howards From Family Button

To re-invite a member, return to the Family Sharing menu, select More membersoption Invite everyone and choose how you want to share the invitation — via Messages, Mail, AirDrop, or Direct.

Add member button

Accept the invitation and check if you can now use Family Sharing’s Apple Music subscription.

Note: You can’t remove members under the age of 13 (14, 15, or 16 years old in some countries) from a Family Sharing group. You can just move a member to another Family Sharing group or delete that member’s account.

Sign out of Apple Communications Services

Disconnecting your device from Apple Media Services — App Store, Apple Music, Podcasts, etc. — may also resolve this issue.

  1. Open Settingyour touch Apple ID nameoption Vehicles & Purchases, and press Log out.
Sign out of Media & Pruchases
  1. Clap Log out on the confirmation prompt.
Logout confirmation window
  1. Wait about 10 seconds and press Vehicles & Purchases again.
Vehicle options and purchases
  1. Option Continue to sign in with your existing Apple ID.
Continue button

Open Apple Music again and check if you can stream songs and videos.

Sign out Apple ID

If all else fails and Apple Music family sharing still isn’t working, disconnect your Apple ID account from your iPhone or iPad and sign in again.

  1. Launch Setting app, choose yours Apple ID nameand press Log out at the bottom of the page.
Sign Out Button
  1. Enter your Apple ID password and tap Turn off proceed with.
Off Button for Apple ID Password

Note: Signing out of Apple ID will delete all downloaded songs (Apple Music) from your iPhone and iPad. Likewise, files synced to your iCloud account will be deleted. However, they will still be available in the cloud and on other devices connected to your Apple ID account.

Sign back in to your Apple ID account and check if Apple Music now works with your Family Sharing group subscription.

Get help from Apple

Still can’t use Apple Music through a Family Sharing subscription? Visit the Apple Music Support page or contact the Apple Support Team for assistance.

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