9 iPhone apps that turn photos into art

Bored with some photos you have on your iPhone? Or maybe, you want your photos to stand out? Tons of photo editing apps can quickly turn your photos into digital artwork. You can make any photo more interesting to catch someone’s eye.

The apps listed below can turn your photos into sketches or paintings, or let you add creative backgrounds or other additions. The apps are also easy to use, even if you have little or no photo editing experience. Try out some of these cool apps and see what masterpieces you can turn your photos into.

This is one of the best apps to turn photos into works of art, with over 700 styles. You can choose from many different designs. Select any photo and then choose a style to apply. Whether you want your photo to appear as an oil painting or a sketch, you can find it here.

Prisma . screen

You can also add frames or make basic edits like setting exposure, saturation, and more. All of this is free, but if you want access to more styles and settings, you can pay for the premium version of the app for $19.99 a year or $29.99 la a year with a 3 day free trial.

Photo Lab is a great tool to use to add backgrounds, double exposure effects, or even turn photos of people (or yourself) into animated versions. This app has a lot of free effects and all of them are easy to use. The application uses the automatic image selection feature to identify the image subject. However, you can also make this selection yourself for better accuracy.

Photo Lab screen

One standout feature of this app is the ability to do what it calls merge or combine multiple effects in one photo. You can use the app for free, but you can get access to everything it has to offer by upgrading to the VIP version, for $4.99 a month.

See the effects added to your camera in real time using this app so you know what the results will look like before taking a photo. This helps a lot if you want more control over the final picture. You can also upload photos you’ve taken to add effects to them.

Insta Toon screen

You can access a number of effects, filters and backgrounds for free. However, if you want access to the entire library of effects, you can upgrade to the pro version for $4.99.

This app has many effects, allowing you to get a nice modern look with any photo you want. You can add effects by going through the available catalog and selecting the photo you want to apply. You can edit the effect as you see fit if it needs further adjustment.


Many effects are free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version for $19.99 a year to access all effects. In the free version, you can still preview how your photos will look with the Pro effects, but you’ll need to upgrade to save the edited photo to your photo library.

Bazaart will help you create stunning works of digital art with any photo you have. You can choose from hundreds of template presets, including some created specifically for social media posts. There are options like background removal, photo filters, text, and stickers that make editing a breeze.

Bazaart . screen

The free version of this app includes many features, but you can get everything the app has to offer for $71.99 a year or $119 to use forever.

Try out the Quick Art feature in this app to instantly apply pre-existing artistic effects to any of your photos. This includes art styles like pop art, pixelations, double exposure, etc. If you want more control over editing your photos, you can also add your photos and start from scratch. with the multitude of editing tools in Photoleap.

Photo map screen

To upgrade to the Pro version of the app, you can pay $3.16 a month. Or, you can permanently purchase the app and its features for $74.99.

This app is a great mobile photo editor with powerful tools and a collection of effects and features. Among the many photo art apps, this is one of the most popular due to its ease of use. You can try out hundreds of effects for free, use stickers and filters that others have created, or even combine other people’s work to make it your own.

picsart screen

You can also start from scratch with your own photos or selfies and create unique “pictures” using Picsart’s tools. These include some black and white, film blur and paint effects, as well as basic photo corrections, selection tools, brushes, etc.

The glitch effect is common and this app is dedicated to achieving this look. You can choose from filters that make your photos appear like old TV screens, VHS tapes, etc. You can also edit and add glitch effects using the app’s tools.

Glitch Studio App

You can try some of the apps for free, but to use most of them you’ll need to pay $9.99 to upgrade to the full version.

One image retouching technique that can make any photo stand out is color isolation. This is when some parts of the photo are in black and white, while other parts are in color. This can help guide the eye to important areas of the photo and provide more visual interest.

Color Pop Screen

With this application you can achieve this effect easily. You can upload any photo and color in the parts that you want to show with color. You can use most of this app for free, but to use some premium tools you will need to upgrade for $2.99 ​​a week to use some premium tools.

Turn iOS photos into art with these painting apps

With so many different art styles at your disposal with these apps, the creative potential is endless. You can download all of these apps directly from the app store and instantly have a mobile photo editing program to create works of art on the go.

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