9 best iPad music apps

The Apple iPad is a great tool for almost anything you can think of. This can even include music creation and production. While the iPad may not be as powerful as a high-end PC, its power is unmatched, and combined with its portability makes it a great addition to any one’s repertoire. Which musician?

There are tons of music apps out there, so if you’re looking for some to download, here’s a list of some of the best iPad music apps you can find on the App Store.

While it may come as a surprise, Garageband is a versatile and powerful music production program. The best part is that it’s free and you can already download it on your iPad. It was created by Apple as a free resource for musicians, and it has a lot to offer.

Garageband window

There is a wide selection of software tools available in the application with which you can easily create music. If you don’t have a more advanced DAW (digital audio workstation) to work with, this program is great for beginners.

Are you starting to play guitar, but don’t have a tuner yet? Well, if you have an iPad, you already have a tuner. The GuitarTuna music app on iPad will help you tune your guitar to a standard tuning, as well as provide a number of games you can play to strengthen your knowledge of the musical notes.

GuitarTuna's logo

Besides the guitar, you can also use the app to tune the ukulele or bass. It works great as a tuner and can help you learn how to tune by ear.

Animoog [not available in certain countries or regions]

Moog is a company that makes professional compositing software, and now they also have an app for your iPad. It is powered by the Anisotropic Synth Engine, created by Moog.

Screen Animoog

Inside the app there are various sound presets, and if you need more, there are expansion packs that you can use in Animoog.

If you’re looking for a good compositing app, it’s highly recommended by experts and will give you plenty of tools to work with.

Steinberg Cubase is a popular DAW, but now the same company has also created a powerful DAW that you can work with on your iPad, called Steinberg Cubasis 3. Although available on this mobile device , it is a full power DAW with everything you need. produce your own tracks.

Cubasis 3 . window

This iPad music app is a bit more expensive, at $49.99, but if you want a complete, professional DAW that you can take with you wherever you go, the Steinberg Cubasis 3 won’t disappoint you. . It has a lot of presets already in the app so you can start creating right away.

Learning to play the piano or want an app so you can use the piano on the go? Chordana Play gives you a portable piano so you can play songs. The app has 50 songs included in it, or you can import your own MIDI files.

Chordana Play Ads

A great feature of this app is that you don’t just have to use the piano on the screen. You can also plug in your physical keyboard via a USB connection. While playing music, the score is displayed in real time on the screen so you can learn while playing.

Apps that let you play sample tracks and create your own rhythms are great tools for generating ideas for new tracks. iMaschine 2 is perfect for this, allowing you to create basic music tracks by placing notes where you want them with keys in the app.

iMaschine 2 images

If you want to create your own samples within the app, you can record them and you’ll be able to use them as you please as you create your music. It’s not one of the more professional production apps, but it’s great for getting ideas and getting recorded.

Choosing a guitar can be difficult at first. And if you don’t have anyone to teach you, that can feel impossible. Yousician is like your own teacher, listening as you play and giving you suggestions.

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There are also plenty of lessons in the music app on your iPad for you to play and learn. Also, the app works for other instruments like piano, bass or ukelele. If you want, you can also take lessons through the app with real teachers. You can start Yousician with a free trial, then choose a subscription to continue your learning.

Metronomes are integral to any musician’s work, and this app gives you a fully customizable tool that you can use for any type of musical composition. You can choose from 35 different time signatures, so no matter what you’re playing, you can always keep up with the beat. You can also choose from a 10 to 800 tempo range.

Besides the metronome feature, it also provides a setup list where you can add your songs and save different metronome presets for each song. No matter what task you’re on, Tempo will be able to tailor it to your needs.

Maybe you need to learn or learn about some music theory? The EarMaster app will help you do this right on your iPad. You can teach yourself to identify notes by ear and learn to read with your eyes and practice rhythm.

EarMaster monitor

With a variety of music theory courses, you can start from scratch and learn all you need to know. You can use this app for free and get the first 20 lessons of the beginner course, identify intervals and identify chords. There are also multiple in-app purchases to gain access to even more hands-on and music theory lessons.

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