8 Recently Released iOS Apps Worth Checking Out

Which apps stand out the most from the iOS app store in the past year? Sure, your phone is filled with games and tools to get you through the year. You may even have dozens of friends deleted after seeing how faulty or ineffective they were.

Either way, you may have missed out on an app (or several) worth trying. Here’s a quick review of the best iOS apps that came out in the last year.

Sometimes, you want to design a quality magazine page, book cover, or blog post using your smartphone or tablet. When this itch sets in, you can expect Relationship Publishers to scratch it.

This application is developed by Serif Labs and is considered an advanced professional publishing software. It allows you to combine images, text, and graphics to develop stunning layouts that fit that “publish” button.

Shared Publisher windows

In previous years, you could only get this level of quality from desktop software. Not anymore – and it can still be yours for $49.99.

This app not only shortlisted but also won the 2019 Design Award. It’s another app designed for creative people who love to draw. It comes with a digital graphite pencil, as well as a chisel marker for you to draw and sketch whatever comes to mind.

Stream Application Window

What makes it different from other similar apps is that it looks as good as something you made in real life.

The app is free to use but comes with in-app purchases. Also, it’s available to use on your iPhone or iPad

This is an interesting game created by a studio responsible for Journey (which won Game of the Year in 2013). The Apple market is flooded with free games, but this game is famous for its beautiful art design.

So, if you missed downloading this app, then you can do so for free today.

Selfies, vacation photos, and food photos will always be popular. So it’s no surprise that bigger and better apps are coming to make your photos awesome.

Specter was created by the same minds that built Halide (another popular camera app you may be familiar with). Using this tool, you can shoot long exposures with just your iPhone or iPad.

Specter Camera Features List

Want to take motion pictures? No problem. You can take quick snapshots of the waterfalls in action and the notorious street traffic where the lights are dim.

Unfortunately, this app is not free. However, it doesn’t cost much – just $2.99 ​​and it’s yours.

This may have flown under your control, especially if you’re not an Apple Arcade subscriber. It recently debuted this fall and deserves a spot on this list.

Sayonara Wild Hearts screen

You’ll find this game fascinating if you enjoy flipping through dazzling scenes while tapping into electronic music. You can choose between different vehicles, such as skateboards and motorbikes.

What makes it a different driving game – you can swing your sword as you go. You can join the fun by paying $4.99 per month (you’ll also get access to a bunch of other app games).

If you are a lover of National Geographic, then you will love using The Explorers. This app works with your iPhone and iPad, but to get the most out of it, we recommend displaying it on a large high-definition TV (using the TV app).

Explorers app

In this app you will find many fascinating images created by some of the best photographers and videographers in the world. You will see nature and wildlife up close and personal.

Best of all, it’s completely free to download (with in-app purchases).

Another game made the list – this time for hack and slash lovers. In addition to overcoming enemies, you will enjoy great graphics and sound design throughout your journey.

Image of the game Hyper Light Drifter

It has a pixel art style, but the craftsmanship is a masterpiece. According to the CEO, you’re better off playing this 2D game on your iPad Pro. It works well with the touchscreen, as does the controller.

If you love 16-bit adventure games, this should be your next download. You can get it for just under $5.

There’s a game for everyone – or at least it seems when you’re an iOS device owner. This is something a little different from the killing and racing games you will find in the market.

Gris is a story-based game that gives you a rich experience of a girl’s life. Gris is a young girl facing pain and sadness. While you won’t have to worry about danger and death, you will be playing with amazing powers and abilities.

Gris . game screen

The artwork is stunning and the animations are detailed. You’ll make your way through the game by solving puzzles (nothing too complicated), platforming sequences, and other challenges that require you to use your skills.

You can get this app for your iPhone or iPad for $1.99.

Which iOS app did you miss?

Have you tried any or all of the apps on this list? If not, you may find one or two worth downloading. It’s interesting to see which apps perform the best each year as lists of the most popular apps of all time don’t usually change much. If you look at a shorter time frame, like last year, you’ll usually get a more diverse list like the one above. Interesting!

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