8 best puzzle games for iPhone

Puzzles are a great way to get rid of boredom, but they are also a way to hone your problem-solving skills. If you run out of word searches, sudoku puzzles and crosswords, you can also use your iPhone or iPad to find great puzzle games to play.

Puzzle games are some of the most popular in the world, so there can be a lot of things to sift through the App Store. This list will introduce you to the best iOS puzzle games you can download to your iPhone. Please note that these games are prone to addiction!

Logic game

1.1. Two dots

The premise of this game is simple. Connect at least two dots and erase the dots to earn points. To move to the next level, you need to connect a certain amount of colored dots. This should be done with the least amount of movement possible. You can connect non-diagonal dots in any order.

As you progress through the levels, you will learn some tricks, such as connecting square dots to hide all the dots of the same color. Gameplay becomes more and more difficult as it progresses, so you will always find it challenging.

2. Picture Cross

Picture Cross is a satisfying logic puzzle game that determines which pixels to enter to create the right image. Use the numbers next to each row and column to determine where the square should be. Each puzzle can be completely logically understood without guessing (although guessing once or twice is not responsible).

When you complete the puzzle, you will see the image you created and will be added to the larger image you complete when you finish all the puzzles. Each puzzle has a different difficulty level, so you can see what’s in it.

3. Word seek

If you are a fan of word-containing puzzle games, this game is one of the most addictive. You are given a square of letters and you need to connect them to create a word. The longer the word, the more points you will earn. The very addictive part of this game is that there is a time limit, so you will have to be fast about composing words. You’ll want to play again to see how many more words you can get.

4. Triple Town

As far as puzzle games are concerned, this is one of the most addictive games. Your job in Triple Town is to match different materials to make something bigger and different. For example, if you combine the leaves of grass, you will have shrubs, three of which will be trees and three of which will be homes. Something like a big house equals more points, so the goal is to go as far as you can in the building.

The game has many other elements that keep you from getting bored, such as bears that get in the way of building, power-ups, different game modes, and special items. Seeing how big it can be makes this game exciting and fun.

Point and click game

5.5. Room pocket

Room is a popular 3D puzzle adventure game where you try to solve complex puzzle boxes to continue the story of the game. It also involves using a fictitious fifth element called “null”. It is used as another puzzle device with a special lens to display it in the game.

The room was incredibly popular, and its success led to the release of two more sequels. So, if you finish this game and want more, you can play The Room 2 and 3. If you like games that not only feel strange, but are hard to think out of the box, you can have a great time playing this series. ..

6. Tiny Room Story: Town Mystery

Research puzzle games can be frustrating but fun. If you’re a fan of this type of game, Tiny Room is perfect for playing on iOS. You play as a private detective and your father comes to the town of Red Cliff for help. When you arrive, you find that everyone is gone.

If you enjoy escape game type games, TinyRoom is very similar to this kind of puzzle. Examine each room at each level to find useful clues, objects, or notes. This game is fun, has a suspense story and is a puzzle mystery.

Sorting games

7. Water sort puzzle

One of the most satisfying puzzle games out there is Water Sort. The purpose of the game is to pour water of the same color into each vial until all colors are in each bottle and make sure they match. Sounds simple, but as the level goes up, things get harder.

You may find that you’ve been playing this game for much longer than you intended, because it’s on the border between simplicity and rewarding. Eventually, the game throws some curved balls, such as not showing the next color of the bottle until the top content is used. It makes the game interesting and unique among other similar games.

8. Unpacking the master

If you enjoy organizing, this game is very fun and easy to get the hang of. For each level, there is one or more boxes for unpacking each with an array of items. It’s your job to find the best place for each item and put it in the right place.

At the end of each level, it’s time to get more difficult as the game will tell you which items aren’t in the right place. But once you understand it, it’s very nice to see everything in the place it belongs to. The control and design of the game is also very simple, so you can play it anytime.

Challenge yourself with these puzzle games for iPhone

One of the best ways to kill time is to play a game. With these puzzle apps, you can not only play fun things, but also train your brain. All the best games above are also free to play, so download them now and enjoy all the challenging puzzles!

Did you play any of these games listed? In the comments, tell us about your gaming experience with these iPhone puzzle games.

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