8 best free Office suites for Mac that aren’t from Microsoft

Most users looking for a Mac office suite will probably think of one option — Microsoft Office. It’s still one of the best office suites out there, regardless of the platform, but there are other options available that you might not have considered (or didn’t even know) for macOS.

Choosing the best office suite for Mac will depend on your budget, but there are plenty of free office suites for Mac that you can install at no cost. To help you, here’s an overview of the eight best free Mac office suites available to install or use today.

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After Microsoft Office, the next and best office suite for Mac users to immediately start using is the Apple iWork suite. Originally a paid product, the three Apple iWork office apps have been available for free for Mac devices since 2013.

Page app

Pages is a word processor, with ready-made templates for common documents such as built-in letters, as well as the ability to insert tables, charts, images, and other objects. Apple also has a basic spreadsheet app called Numbers that supports multiple sheets and, like Pages, comes with ready-made templates.

Ultimately, Keynote acts as a PowerPoint replacement, with similar features like transitions and animations. You can download all three iWork apps from the App Store.

While iCloud offers online iWork apps, it’s not the best office suite for Mac. If you want the features of Microsoft Office online without paying for Office 365, then you’ll need to try the Google Docs suite.

Google Docs App

Offered free to Google account users, the Google Docs suite comes in a pack of three (four if you include Google Forms). Docs is a word processor, Sheets is a spreadsheet tool, while Slides is a presentation tool to compete with PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

Google Docs is well-equipped with many of the features you’d expect to see in a complete Office replacement, along with extensive collaboration features that let you share and edit documents in real time with your friends. others.

Few open source projects have the scale and caliber to compete with the billion-dollar Microsoft Office suite like LibreOffice. Thanks to a community of volunteers who helped build it, LibreOffice has grown into one of the best office suites for Mac.

LibreOffice application

This fork of the once popular OpenOffice features products that fit the typical Microsoft Office collection, with word processors, spreadsheet tools, presentation designers, and database managers . It also goes two steps further, with a vector graphic designer and a formula designer for mathematicians.

Best of all, LibreOffice supports Office file formats like DOC and DOCX perfectly. LibreOffice is a fully-fledged replacement with many of the same features as Microsoft Office, plus some extras for you to enjoy.

As the name suggests, FreeOffice is a free Office suite for Mac, Linux and Windows users. Like other free Office alternatives, it focuses on the big three Office products, with Excel (PlanMaker), PowerPoint (Presentation) and Word (TextMaker) style products.

FreeOffice Apps

If you want an Office-like experience, FreeOffice has it for you. It looks a lot like its Microsoft counterpart, with a ribbon bar interface, basic features, and support for popular Office file formats like DOCX.

Some features, such as high-quality mail merge and spell checking, require a paid upgrade to the SoftMaker Office suite. If it’s a deal breaker, look elsewhere.

Another free and open source Office alternative is the Calligra suite created by KDE. Originally designed for Linux users, Calligra is a cross-platform office suite for macOS, Linux, and Windows PCs. To install it on Mac, you need to install the Homebrew package manager first.

Calligraphy app

There are no less than ten Calligra apps for you to try, ranging from standard word processors (Words) and spreadsheet tools (Sheets) to more specialized apps, including mind mapping tools (Braindump).

We’re not going to pretend that Calligra is the slickest Mac office suite — it’s not. What it does, however, is functional, complete and free, with more built-in tools than some of its more attractive (and more expensive) competitors.

Apache OpenOffice is the spiritual successor to the formerly popular (but now deprecated) OpenOffice.org suite. It shares a common code base with LibreOffice, with similar features, although some important differences exist between them.

OpenOffice Application

Unfortunately, the biggest difference is active development. LibreOffice has a vibrant community behind it, while things are a bit slower for Apache OpenOffice, with releases happening about once a year. In recent years, these folks have mostly focused on bug fixes, rather than significant new features or upgrades.

There are better Mac office suites out there, but if you want a solid, age-old experience on Mac, Apache OpenOffice might be the choice for you.

As a free version of the paid WPS Office, WPS Office Free acts as a free, ad-supported browser for Mac users. That’s not a criticism — WPS Office Free is still a good Mac office suite in its own right.

WPS Office Free Documentation

WPS Office looks like it’s built on top of the Mac with a modern and attractive interface, knocking out some of its older competitors like LibreOffice. Like iWork and FreeOffice, WPS Office Free targets the Microsoft Office market with presentation, word processing, and spreadsheet creation tools.

It supports Office file formats, as well as PDF creation and editing support. You can download WPS Office Free from the App Store or the WPS Office website.

Dropbox Paper is a quick document editing and collaboration tool built into the Dropbox cloud storage interface. It’s also the only app on this list that isn’t an official Office replacement, but Dropbox Paper is still a worthy and honorable mention.

Dropbox Paper Window

You can use Paper to build more unusual types of documents for project planning, taking notes, building portfolios, and more. Like Google Docs, you can also collaborate in real time with other Dropbox Paper users.

It might not be the Word replacement you’re after, but if you already have a Dropbox account, give it a try.

Choose the Best Office Suite for Mac

If you want the best Office suite for Mac, you don’t have to pay. Microsoft Office is still a great office suite for Mac, but it’s not a necessity — you can create documents on macOS for free without using Apple iWork or one of the alternatives. other free or open source we mentioned.

Whether it’s Google Docs or Microsoft Office, let us know your favorite Mac office suite in the comments section below.

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