8 best fixes if your AirPods don’t charge

Due to a number of factors, putting your AirPods in a charging case or connecting the charging case to a power source can prevent your AirPods from charging. This tutorial walks you through seven troubleshooting steps to try if your AirPods don’t charge when connected to power via a lightning cable or wireless charging mat.

The recommendations listed apply to all AirPods generations and models.

1. Leave the charging case connected to the power supply

Your iPhone or iPad should show the AirPods’ charging or battery status when you open the charging case, even when it’s connected to a power source. If your AirPods battery and charging case are completely dead, you may need to charge them for a significant amount of time before recharging.

Apple recommends using the lightning cable that came with your device to charge your AirPods and case for at least 15 minutes (5 minutes for AirPods Max).

2. Check the charging connection

I plugged my AirPods into a wall outlet for a few minutes and it doesn’t charge. What is your occupation? First, make sure the wall or power outlet is turned on and working properly. If you’re charging your AirPods from your computer’s USB port, charge them directly from your wall socket instead.

AirPods charging with a wall socket

Similarly, make sure the lightning cable is securely connected to the power adapter. Unplug the cable and put it back in the charging case. In addition, remove and reinsert both AirPods in the case.

You should also check the power adapter to make sure it is working properly. Charging another device with a power adapter and cable is a good troubleshooting test to see if your charging accessories are in good condition.

3. Examine the charging accessories

Counterfeit or substandard charging accessories can fail to charge your AirPods and, worse, damage your earphones. Use the charging accessories that come with your AirPods, or purchase an Apple-certified accessory from an authorized retailer. See articles that describe the dangers of charging your Apple device with non-Apple accessories.

AirPod case for wireless charging pad

This article focuses on some of the best lightning cables for Apple devices. If the appearance is cut or damaged, replace the power adapter or lightning cable. Even better, if your AirPods support wireless charging, try charging your AirPods with a Qi-compatible charging mat.

If your charging mat doesn’t support the Qi wireless charging standard, your AirPods won’t charge wirelessly. Check the specifications of the wireless charger and make sure it is Qi compatible.

4. Clean the AirPods metal cap

AirPods pair

The glossy metal caps on the base / tail of both AirPods are the charging contacts. Dirt on the surface of the metal cap can interfere with charging your AirPods. Remove both AirPods from the charging case and wipe the shiny metal cap with a lint-free cloth. If you reinsert your AirPods into the case and it still doesn’t charge, clean the case and try again.

5. Clean the charging case

AirPods in the charging case

If there is a buildup of foreign material in the case’s charging port and the well where the AirPods are located, the AirPods will not charge. Dirt, dirt, lint, and dust can interfere with the transfer of power from the power outlet to the charging case and from the charging case to the AirPods.

Use a periodontal brush to clean the AirPods well in the charging case. Be sure to remove any foreign matter adhering to the metal contacts of the charging case. Apple recommends cleaning your AirPods with a cloth that has been slightly moistened with fresh water. Then dry with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Periodontal brush

Clean the charging port with an antistatic brush or a soft bristle toothbrush. Gently clean the port to avoid damaging the metal contacts on the port. Whatever you do, keep liquids out of the case and charging port. If you don’t have a cleaning brush, canned / compressed air is better for removing dust from the case and charging port.

AirPods next to the case

If your AirPods don’t charge when you connect them to a working power outlet using genuine Apple accessories, your AirPods charging case may be damaged. Try charging another AirPods in the charging case to diagnose the cause of the problem.

If the case charges the other AirPods without any problems, clean the metal cap on the tail of the AirPods and reinsert it into the case. This time, use a silk cleaning wipe and a mixture of water and isopropyl rubbing alcohol to wipe the metal contacts. For more information on AirPods cleaning recommendations and prohibitions, see this Apple Support article.

6. Reset AirPods

Two different AirPod models and a charging case

You can reset your AirPods to factory defaults to fix charging issues, audio output issues, and other firmware-related issues. You must remove your AirPods from your device before resetting.

  1. Insert both AirPods into the charging case and close the lid. Wait about 30 seconds and then reopen the charging case lid.
  2. Open your iPhone or iPad setting App, select bluetooth,Tap Information (i) icon Next to AirPods.
Bluetooth info icon

Note: If your AirPods aren’t in the list of paired devices, go to step 4.

  1. Tap Forget this device Choose Forget the device At the confirmation prompt.
Forget the device prompt
  1. Press and hold Setup button On the back of the charging case, the status light will stay on for 15 seconds until it flashes white or orange.
  2. Move your AirPods closer to your device and follow the onscreen prompts to reconnect your AirPods.

Use genuine Apple accessories to connect your AirPods to a power source and see if it charges.

7. Update AirPods

Apple often publishes firmware updates to all AirPods generations to introduce new features and bug fixes and improve the performance of wireless earphones. If your AirPods’ battery drains quickly, charges slowly, or doesn’t charge at all, a firmware update may resolve the issue.

For information on how to force an AirPods update, see the AirPods firmware update tutorial.

8. Access the service and repair center

Apple store

If none of the above recommendations resolve your AirPods not charging issue, visit your local authorized Apple service provider or Genius Bar to diagnose your AirPods. If you have an Apple Care + plan, or if your AirPods are still within Apple’s one-year limited warranty, you get free repair service. If the charging malfunction is due to a factory defect, Apple will probably offer a new AirPods.

Otherwise, you will have to pay a service fee to repair your AirPods or charging case. You may need to provide an AirPods package and a purchase certificate with the AirPods price, purchase date, and (re) seller contact information.

Contact Apple Support

If you don’t have an Authorized Apple Service Provider in your area, chat with an Apple Support Representative by text or phone.

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