7 best iMessage games and how to play them with friends

If you’re feeling bored and the conversation with your friends seems to have calmed down, why not play a game? If two users use iMessage, there are many different games available.

If you’re not sure what to play, we’ve rounded up the best iMessage games and figured out how to play them, in those slow moments.

GamePigeon is a great way to get a large selection of iMessage games in one place. You can play games like 8 Ball, Sea Battle (just a battleship wrapped up), Basketball, Archery, Darts, etc.

GamePigeon is free to play, but there are some microtransactions within the game itself for things like new models in Paintball and 8 Ball.

GamePigeon screen

All you have to do is download Game Pigeon from the App Store and then select the game you want to play from the menu in iMessage. It will send an invitation to the other person. Once they accept, the fun begins.

Moji Bowling [Not available in certain regions]

Moji Bowling is a great option for two players when you want to scratch an itch but can’t get to the bowling alley. The game is both cute and fun, with bowling balls and pins coming to life with emotion as you play. Controlling it is simple: just drag the ball back and let it fly, swipe left or right to add spin.

Moji Bowling Screen

Moji Bowling is a free download in the app store, but you don’t need two players to enjoy it. The game includes a solo mode where you can practice your game before challenging your best friends to an iMessage bowling tournament.

Sure, GamePigeon has a Mini Golf form, but it’s not as expansive as Mr. Putt. The game has four different courses to play, each with a different theme. No shot is simple and requires you to hit the wall and perform other tricks to sink the shot with as few hits as possible.

The Putt screen of Mr.

Like other iMessage games, all it takes to play Mr. Putt is to download the game first and then select it from the iMessage menu.

Simple puzzle [Not available in certain regions]

There are plenty of quiz games available on iOS, but few offer a real challenge — or are entirely playable in iMessage. Puzzles are simply different. It offers multiple choice questions from categories like history, pop culture, etc. You only have a few seconds to answer each question, so cheat and Google can’t figure out the answer.

Simple quiz screen

The purpose of Simple Trivia is to answer more questions correctly than your opponent. Like other iMessage games, there’s nothing to start with. Just download the game from App Store and start playing this iMessage game.

Truth Truth Lies [No longer available]

Truth Truth Lies is a new spin on a classic game. The premise is that you make two true statements about yourself (or whatever) and one false statement, and the other players have to guess which is the false statement. While it’s a great party game, it’s also fun to play with another person.

Truth Truth Lie screen

On the other hand, you may have to get creative with your statements if you’re playing with someone who knows you well. Truth Truth Lie allows you to record a video of yourself if you don’t want to enter statements. Just download it from the store and try it out.

Cobi Arrows is a unicorn in the iMessage game world. While most iMessage-focused games are casual, Cobi Arrows has a steep learning curve that makes it worth playing over and over again. Although the game can be played just for fun, it also appeals to more hardcore gamers.

Kobi Arrows screen

The goal is simple: shoot as many arrows and score as many points as possible within 30 seconds. The reticle moves across the screen when you press and hold. To release the arrow, simply remove your finger. It sounds easy, but scoring a red-eye takes a bit of practice.

Cobi Arrows is free to play, but there are other game modes that you can unlock by watching the video or paying for this mode.

Qiktionary is a simplified version of the word guessing game. You are given a specific four-letter word to figure out. You guess four different letter words and note which letter is highlighted. An indicator on the side tells you how many letters in your word are correct.

Qikitionary screen

You win through a elimination process. By slowly narrowing down which letters are correct and which are not, you can determine what the mystery word is. Having a large vocabulary will help, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

iMessage is a great tool to keep in touch and keep you entertained. Try out a few of these games and find your favorite. Many of them compete with the larger games on the App Store in terms of entertainment value.

Which iMessage game do you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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