6 best VR apps for iPhone

VR, or virtual reality, is becoming more and more popular. There are many VR headsets available and many games and programs you can use with them. The technology behind VR is constantly evolving and changing, and there are many ways you can access it.

Some headsets on the market are iPhone-compatible, like Google Cardboard, and there are plenty of virtual reality apps and games for iOS on the App Store. In this list, you’ll find some of the best iPhone VR apps that immerse you in the VR experience.

Want to experience an amusement park without paying for admission? With this VR headset and app, you can almost experience what it feels like to be on a roller coaster. This roller coaster VR app is great because they have a variety of games you can choose from, including traditional coasters or games like Tea Cup. You can access five rides for free, but there are tons of other games you can go just by watching ads or unlocking everything for $4.99.

VR Roller Coaster

The app also works well, and when you put on your headphones on a ride, you’ll feel like you’re on a roller coaster. You might even get mild, lifelike motion sickness! Thankfully, all you have to do with this app is take off your headphones!

Rec Room is very similar to the popular VR Chat for PC. However, this app allows you to move around and talk to others in the virtual world whenever you want, using text chat or your microphone.

Room Rec

The game’s graphics are cartoonish but easy on the eyes, and there are many places to explore, including player-created worlds. You can makeover your avatar, create your room, play games with others and explore. This is one of the must-have VR apps for iPhone.

If you enjoy watching cinematic 360-degree videos on your headset, then Within VR is one of the best mobile apps to find these videos. They offer a wide selection of VR videos, including animations, short films, music videos, news broadcasts, documentaries, etc. The videos are extremely high quality and will take you virtually anywhere. scores and stories you are watching.


Within is a free VR app that lets you download their VR content so you can watch them anywhere.

If you’re a fan of the Goosebumps franchise or just want a VR horror game with a bit of humor, Night of Scars is a fun and free VR game for your iPhone. You can put your phone in any compatible headset to play games.

Goosebumps: Night of Scars

The game itself is based on the stories of RL Stine, who needs your help to stop the monsters he created. You can move around to explore, get items to continue the story and remember to hide when needed so you don’t get caught! Overall, the game is entertaining and works well with a smartphone VR headset that immerses you in the world.

Endless runner games such as Ninja Run can be addictive killing some of the boredom. With this game, you can use any VR-compatible headset on your smartphone to join the action in VR mode. The game is much more interactive and engaging with the headset, allowing you to enjoy it for hours on end.

Ninja Run

If you haven’t played a game like Ninja Run before, it’s a typical running game where you can dodge, jump, and dodge obstacles to stay on for as long as possible. It’s a fun, free game, and it’s even better to play on a VR headset.

VR Archery removes all barriers to the pursuit of real-life archery and allows you to quickly get a sense of excitement simply by using a VR headset. There are multiple levels to complete in the game with varying difficulty and obstacles to keep things interesting. This is a Google Cardboard app, as you can see the Cardboard icon in the corner of the app icon, but you can also use it with any other smartphone headset.

VR Archery Master 3D

The game involves aiming and shooting arrows to hit the center of the targets. The VR aspect keeps you immersed in the experience, and it can be a great way to practice hand-eye coordination! The app is free and has a lot of levels.

Immerse yourself in these VR apps for iPhone

Getting a virtual reality headset is an exciting experience. Hopefully this list of the best virtual reality apps helps you get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. VR technology is still evolving, so who knows what kind of games and experiences you’ll be able to have in the future. However, if apps like this are any indication, virtual reality experiences could go far.

Are there any other VR apps you like that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

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