6 Best iOS Reminder Apps

When you have so many responsibilities, it can be hard to keep track of everything and still have time to relax.

You have an important Zoom meeting to set up, an urgent email to respond to, not to mention an online course to complete. Chances are something will be forgotten.

With the reminders app, you can organize your to-do list so you know what to focus on first and get notifications about what you need to do next.

Best iOS Reminders App

If you’re looking for the best iOS reminder apps to keep you on track all day, we’ve got you covered with these great options.

first. Article 3

Things 3 is an award-winning app, a great choice for reminders. While the app is a complete task management system, it’s still simple and easy to use to organize your tasks into projects.

You can add reminders, get notifications about things you need to do, and get a quick look at your day as the app pulls data from your Calendar. In addition, Things 3 invisibly and seamlessly syncs data across your iPhone or iPad using Things Cloud.

Things 3 . app screen

If you’re a busy professional, the app’s intuitive interface lets you organize your reminders into personal or to-do categories. You can also have separate reminders for each project complete with audio, images, video, notes, checklists, and specified due dates or deadlines.

Best of all, the app runs Shortcuts on Apple Watch, so you can still get your to-do reminders with a single tap. You can enter to-dos from the native Apple Reminders app or create them via Siri. It also allows you to connect your calendar and add widgets to your home screen.

2. Out of date

If you just want a reminder, Due will remember everything you need so you don’t have to. The app keeps you from forgetting anything by constantly reminding you with reminders until you mark it as done or reschedule.

At first glance, Due’s interface might look like a standard reminder app because of its clean and simple interface. However, the app has various features including swipe-based gestures, time picker, Auto-snooze, recurring reminders, countdown timer, and full VoiceOver support.

Due Application Feature Screen

You can set the reminders you want and decide when to receive them. Once you have a reminder, you can choose to snooze it for 1 minute, 15 minutes, an hour, or push it back to the next day if needed.

While Due’s constant warnings and notifications may seem a bit annoying, it definitely motivates you to get up and do what you have to.

3. What’s wrong?

Any.do is one of the best all-in-one reminder apps on iOS. The app lets you create lists, organize them into a chronological timeline, and see at a glance everything you need to do.

Among its handy features include a calendar, planner, to-do list, reminders app, memos and alerts section. You can also use Any.do’s geolocation to receive notifications based on your location, such as reminders to pick your groceries when you’re passing by your local grocery store.

Any.do application screen

Any.do is available for iOS devices, but you can access it on Android, the web, or even your Apple Watch. The app also got a recent update and now has the ability to receive reminders in WhatsApp.

4. Miss milk

True to its name, Remember the Milk is a smart reminder app on iOS that ensures you’ll never forget anything again. You can quickly add any tasks you need to get done, their date and time, and the app will remember it for you.

Remember Milk has a minimalistic interface that is easy to use and comes with a number of handy features including advanced sorting, card colors, side quests, badges and widgets.

Memorize the Milk app screen

Plus, the app integrates with Gmail, Twitter, Evernote, and Google Calendar, and offers unlimited storage to keep track of your work with unlimited completed tasks. When a task is due, you’ll receive a reminder via text, email, mobile notification, Twitter, or IM.

You can also share your lists and delegate tasks to others. Sort your reminders by priority, due date, or list name. You can also sync your data across all your devices, including Apple Watch.

5. Microsoft’s To-Do

If you’re comfortable with Microsoft’s productivity suite, Microsoft To-Do (formerly Wunderlist) is a nifty iOS reminder app to stay organized and manage your day.

You can create shopping or to-do lists, set reminders, take notes, record collections, and more. The app features Smart Suggestions that learn your habits and suggest relevant tasks from your lists for each day.

Microsoft To-Do application screen

Microsoft To-Do integrates with Microsoft 365, making it easy to capture and retrieve your tasks and lists across devices so you can access them anywhere. In addition, you can capture tasks from other Microsoft services and applications such as Outlook and Cortana.

The app also has side quests to which you can add attachments up to 25MB and you can personalize your list with a background image or theme color. The app is free and available to use on your iOS devices with no subscription model.

Check out our in-depth Microsoft To-Do review to learn more about using the app.

6. Carrots to do

Carrot To-Do is a somewhat unique iOS reminder app that gives you an extra boost when you haven’t completed a task within a certain time. The app punishes you when you don’t stick to your schedule and rewards you when you get things done.

Carrot To-Do . App

Plus, it features a minimalist, gesture-based interface, 400+ unique rewards, and unlockable app upgrades like mini-games, a digital kitten, cheat codes, and other unlockables. custom options.

Don’t let your schedule affect you

A good reminder app that provides everything you need to get you back on the ball fast. If you can’t find the functionality you need from Apple’s native Reminders app, these six iOS reminder apps can help you handle your busy routine and keep you from forgetting important things.

Do you have a favorite iOS reminder app? Let us know about it in the comments.

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