5 Best Alternative iOS Voice Recorder Apps

As speech recognition continues to grow in popularity, device owners are slowly turning to speaking into their phones rather than typing. That means when you set a reminder to get milk on the way home or get a hair appointment, you’re more likely to open your phone’s voice memo app than type it into the Notes app.

But just as valuable as the iPhone’s Voice Memos app, it also has its limitations. If you want to record songs or interview someone for your podcast, you’ll need an app with more features.

HD Voice Recorder ($2.99)

HD Voice Recorder gives you control over your recordings, thanks to built-in audio quality configuration tools.

Best used list of HD Voice Recorder

You can run other apps on your phone while you’re recording, ideal for long recording sessions like class lectures. You can also add additional features for a fee, including cutting audio and converting high-quality files to M4A.

Just Tap Record ($4.99)

You don’t always have a warning before you need to record something. Just press Record helps you capture recordings quickly, activated via voice command or with a few taps.

Just tap the Recording app on iPhone

You can also record with your Apple Watch, and then sync the recording later. One of the best things about this app is the built-in ability to easily organize your recordings, whether you put them in folders or automatically save them to the cloud.

Voice Recorder Lite (Free)

If you are looking for a free option, Voice Recorder Lite should serve your purposes. You will get crystal clear sound, editing, call interruption handling and all the basic features you find in paid call recording apps.

Voice Recorder Lite app on iPhone

For features like uploading to Dropbox, emailing files, converting to mp3, and cutting audio recordings, you’ll need to upgrade to Voice Recorder Pro, which costs $3.99.

Sound Recorder & Editor (Free)

With the free version of Sound Recorder & Editoryou get the standard features you see with other recording apps, including unlimited voice recording and the ability to upload to apps like Dropbox and iCloud Drive.

Audio Recorder & Editor App

However, the premium features set this app apart from the rest, especially the transcription software. For a once Buy $4.99, you get audio recordings, multiple audio formats, and password protection for your recordings. But $4.99 monthly subscription will also allow you to record calls.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes (Free)

If you plan to record meetings on a regular basis, Otter Voice Meeting Notes is a handy tool to have around. Just press Record and Otter gets to work, recording and transcribing in real time.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes application screen

After the meeting is over, you’ll be able to share your notes with others on your team. Best of all, everything is stored in one convenient place for later reference.

Voice Changer Plus (Free)

If you want to have a little fun with your recordings, Voice Changer Plus very worth seeing. Just select a voice, tap Record, then start speaking. When you’re done speaking, you can play the clip you just recorded in a different voice.

Voice Changer Plus application window

It sounds like a robot, a mosquito, or Darth Vader himself, and you can speed up or slow down your voice to magnify the effects. There are 55 different voice options, and you can even layer multiple effects to create a more custom sound.

By adding on-demand recording to your iOS device, you can increase your productivity and avoid missing those precious audio moments. Whether you’re trying to jot down your baby’s first words or an afternoon brainstorming meeting at work, there’s one app that will provide all the features you need at an affordable price.

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