4 key differences you should know

The iPad and iPad Air have a lot in common, more than a difference, which can make it difficult to know which one to choose. Given that the iPad Air is more expensive than the iPad, you might be wondering what makes it so different.

Depending on what you’re looking to buy an iPad for, the features of each different model can help you make your decision. Especially if you’re considering buying the more expensive iPad Air, it’s important to find out if you want or need these features.

The iPad is the most affordable choice and offers everything the iPad Air does. However, with a larger screen and better visibility, the Air may be worth more if this is what you want. To make the right choice, here’s a dive into some of the key differences between iPad and iPad air.

Design differences of iPad and iPad Air

Both of these models have extremely similar designs, aside from the size of the screens on each. The iPad has a screen size of 10.2 inches, while the iPad Air is 10.5 inches. The iPad Air also has thinner bezels than the iPad. This means that with the Air, you’ll have more space to use.

Both models have a Home button at the bottom of the screen, as well as a Lightning connector. Both have front and rear cameras. However, with the front-facing camera, the iPad’s iPad is 1.2 megapixels while the iPad Air’s is 7.

iPad Air device

So, if a larger screen size is important to you, then maybe you should consider the iPad Air. However, in terms of design, both these iPad models are much more similar than their differences.

Graphics performance difference between iPad and iPad Air

The iPad has a reputation as a great mobile gaming option because of its display and graphics capabilities. When it comes to the differences here between iPad and iPad Air, one of them is clearly more powerful.

The iPad runs on the A10 Fusion processor, which is a modified version of the processor from the iPhone 7. The iPad Air, on the other hand, uses the A12 Bionic, another processor from Apple’s iPhone, in the XS and XR.

iPad Air Performance Specifications

Due to the updated processor, iPad Air runs much smoother and more efficiently. Especially if you use the iPad for more advanced gaming or its video editing capabilities, having a good processor is crucial.

However, if you use your iPad for simple activities like streaming or social media, spending the extra money on the iPad Air’s upgraded processor probably isn’t worth it.

iPad and iPad Air screen differences

Speaking of streaming, it’s one of the best uses for the iPad with its generous screen size but still portability. However, iPad and iPad Air are not quite the same when it comes to giving you the best picture.

If you’re looking for the best color and light performance, the iPad Air outperforms the iPad. Color accuracy on the Air is far more realistic than on the iPad. By resolution, the iPad display is 2,160 x 1,620 and the iPad Air is 2,224 x 1,668. If you use your iPad for things like art or design, this can definitely be a plus for the iPad Air.

Someone is using an iPad Air

The Air also features True Tone, which adjusts the white point of the display based on the light levels in your environment. This makes the contrast look better and makes it easier for you to see all of the content on your screen, no matter how much or how little light around you.

Differences in using iPad and iPad Air

Another important aspect of buying any new device is the user interface, as well as what accessories you can use with them. The iPad and iPad Air both have the same iOS, which means the interface is the same between them.

As for accessories, you can use the Apple Pencil with both devices, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard. So both are useful for making art, design, writing or other endeavours. What happens when choosing between iPad and iPad Air depends on how much processing and display power you feel you might need.

Final judgment between iPad and iPad Air

Both these devices are very similar, with the main difference relating to the iPad Air’s upgraded processor, as well as its enhanced display.

iPad Air with Hello screen

When deciding which iPad to buy, you should think about what you intend to use your iPad for. If you’re using apps that run more smoothly with more processing power, then you should think about spending more money on the Air.

However, if using your iPad seems more leisurely, it’s probably not worth it as the two are actually similar in many ways.

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