12 Best Apple CarPlay Apps for iPhone

Texting while driving may be illegal, but your phone can be a huge boon on the road. Between GPS functionality, music, and more, your iPhone can help get you through the road much faster.

There are many different apps that are compatible with Apple Carplay. Find the best Apple CarPlay apps that will help you control your car with ease; After all, you don’t want to navigate through dozens of different apps. You’re better off finding apps that combine multiple functions easily.

12 Best CarPlay Apps for iPhone

These apps eliminate the need to look at your phone on the road, making driving much safer.

1. Messages

Messaging app

Apple’s built-in messaging app is the method used to text friends. Even when you’re on the road, the messages don’t stop – and many contain important information you need to know. The Messages app works via CarPlay and will read your messages aloud and allow you to reply via voice.

2. Google map

Google Maps App

If you have no sense of direction, Google Maps is a lifesaver. The app is updated more often than Apple Maps and provides up-to-the-minute traffic information. A few years ago, Google Maps acquired Waze, so you too can know where traffic stops, accidents, and other road hazards are at a glance.

3. Waze

Waze . App

Although the Waze function is integrated into Google Maps, many people prefer Apple Maps. If you fall into this category, but you still want up-to-the-minute traffic information, Waze is the way to go. This app gives you information about your route, as well as wrecks and speed traps.

4. Spotify

Spotify app

No drive is complete without your favorite tunes. Spotify is the main source for music today, even more so than Apple Music or used services like Pandora. It’s more than just music streaming, though – Spotify is also home to hundreds of podcasts, news broadcasts, and more. Whether you want to listen to in-depth sports analysis or just listen to your favorite songs, Spotify is a must for Carplay.

5. Dark

Gloomy app

If you want a dedicated podcast service and Spotify doesn’t quite do the trick, Overcast is the next best option. Overcast improves on Apple’s built-in podcast service with additional options like Voice Boost for audio retouching and Smart Speed ​​that shortens dead moments and speeds up audio. You can also choose to play podcasts three times faster to hear more content in less time.

6. Launch

Zoom app

Meetings don’t stop just because you have somewhere to stay. If you have to join that meeting but you can’t use your computer, you can still join Zoom via CarPlay without risk. Zoom has a “Safe Driving Mode” that limits your control over the app, but you can still join a meeting invitation, mute yourself, or start a call.

7. Can be heard

Listening App

If music isn’t your thing and you’ve run out of podcasts to listen to, Audible is a great way to find the best new audiobooks. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the road, audiobooks will keep you up to date with all the latest releases from your favorite authors, even if you don’t have many opportunities to sit down and read. Audible lets you choose titles to play, pause books, and more via CarPlay.

8. Audiobooks.com


Audible is a great service, but it’s not the most affordable option for audiobooks, especially if you listen to a lot of them. Audiobooks.com offers a more budget-friendly way to find audiobooks to relieve the itch after you’ve spent all of your Audible credits for the month.

9. ChargePoint


If you drive an electric vehicle, a ChargePoint is required. This app makes it easy to find the nearest electric vehicle charging station. You can use the app on your phone to start charging your car and get notified when your car is done charging. It also stores reviews from other drivers to alert you to anything you might need to know about the location.

ten. PlugShare

PlugShare application

While ChargePoint is a charging network of proprietary charging stations, PlugShare offers a map of more than 440,000 charging stations around the country. If you drive any kind of electric vehicle, PlugShare will make sure you always know the nearest place to stop and charge your vehicle. You can access the app or view an online map to see any “dead zones” charging.

11. Adjust

TuneIn app

If you love browsing radio stations”, but the ones in your area are nothing but Top 40 nonsense, then TuneIn is the perfect app. TuneIn allows you to browse over 100,000 radio stations from around the world, including many that host live sports. Whether you’re a baseball fan with your fingers crossed that the Braves are going to win the World Series or you’re driving late at night to watch a football game in another country, TuneIn is the app for you. .

twelfth. NPR One

NPR One . App

NPR is a radio station known for its thought-provoking commentary on current events and issues. If you enjoy listening to NPR, then NPR One is an app you should try. It provides access to shows and podcasts from NPR, as well as content from local radio. You can also take advantage of its Catch Up function to listen to any news you may have missed.

Your phone is an important tool in everyday life, but you shouldn’t use it while driving. Not only is it dangerous, but there are serious legal consequences if you drive while distracted. CarPlay offers a safe alternative that ensures you can still use your favorite apps without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

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